Providing a Lease on Life for those in the Midst of a Heart Attack

March 8, 2013Comments Off on Providing a Lease on Life for those in the Midst of a Heart Attack

The human body is nothing short of being truly remarkable. Its muscular and skeletal composition gives its strength while its many organs also excel at their own specific functions. What makes the body so special is the fact that despite all of these parts having varying purposes, the body itself is still capable of running at a very high level. The perfect balance of all those functions in fact is what allows the body to be the truly remarkable specimen that it is. If any one of those parts ever starts functioning improperly, the entire body itself may suffer, and that is what devices such as the AED aim to address.

The AED is far from being the most familiar or recognizable medical instrument. The appearance of that acronym may not even seem vaguely familiar to a lot of people. The reality however, is that this device has been singularly responsible for saving so many people’s lives. This is because the automated external defibrillator has two very specific functions that are designed to truly help the body out of some very dire situations. Its first function is to identify the rhythm of the heart. Heart attacks are largely unpredictable but being able to identify an irregular rhythm is essential to at least anticipating the heart attack. That irregular rhythm may very well be the precursor to cardiac arrest so knowing about it early on will allow an individual to act accordingly.

The other function of the AED is to provide a dose of electrical current to the heart. Heart attacks take place when something goes wrong with the organ’s electrical wiring. When this electrical system is disrupted for any reason, the heart itself may stop and that is why the shock is so important. Administering it alone may bring a person back from the brink of death. All it takes to save a person sometimes is a needed boost of electricity and that is what makes the AED so important. It is also very important to know that each and every second is precious during a heart attack, and that means that the sooner care can be administered the better.

Understanding how important every moment is in a heart attack, the designers of the AED were also mindful of imbuing with two qualities that would allow for it to be easily deployed. The first quality is portability. This device is portable enough that it can be taken almost anywhere. It is a common sight to see at crowded events such as concerts and at sporting events. The fact that it is portable just means that it is capable of providing its functions right when it is needed. The device has also been designed to be very user-friendly. It provides audio and visual prompts for the user to heed. By simply following these instructions, even an individual without formal training with the device can use it capably. This combination of useful functions and convenient qualities really makes this device one of the most important ones in the medical field.

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