Reasons Why CPR AED Training is a Must Today

September 12, 2013Comments Off on Reasons Why CPR AED Training is a Must Today

Do you know that more than a hundred thousand Americans die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest every year, and that more than 95% actually die before they even reach the gates of the hospital? These are sad figures that will most likely to have you thinking, what if the cardiac arrest will happen to someone you know? What if medical emergency help will not arrive soon enough to apply first-aid treatment, what will you do?

While death is inevitable, there is still something that everyone can do when it comes to increasing the rate of survival of persons suffering from such an attack.

Two of the first-aid techniques that have worked effectively at increasing the chances of survival of patients are CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the use of AED or Automated External Defibrillation. Medical professionals in reviving patients during emergencies have utilized both CPR and AED. The rising number of patients suffering from cardiac arrests has made individuals and businesses recognize the importance of CPR AED training.

CPR AED training is a program that is provided by many accredited health organizations that will equip individuals with the proper first aid skills. They will be trained on how to correctly administer CPR and how to handle AEDs. There have been some new techniques developed at present that makes it simpler for individuals to administer first-aid to people who suddenly collapse and the like. These techniques are taught in these programs, and once you have completed the training, you also get to receive a certificate.

One new technique that has been widely used today is the hands-only CPR. This makes use of continuous chest compressions that will promote an artificial type of circulation in the body. This is effective on individuals whose hearts have suddenly stopped beating, or for those who collapsed all of a sudden without any cause. Before, CPR was synonymous to mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions, done in specified intervals. But the first method is somehow discouraged at present in order to prevent the transmissible diseases from being contracted by an individual. This is also the reason why in emergency cases attended to by professional medical response teams, one person does the chest compressions while another would place an oxygen mask on the face, instead of doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

AED CPR training is clearly a must for businesses considering that there are many lives involved in the workplace. Cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrests occurring in the workplace are common. Therefore, having well-trained personnel who knows how to handle the situation is really very welcome.

For individuals, this training is also a must, considering that many emergencies occur at home. This is quite imperative in homes where there are family member who are suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or if you have a history of stroke and heart problems.

Saving lives is the responsibility of everyone. Yes, there are rescue teams that will not hesitate to attend to emergency situations whenever there is one, but the time between the occurrence of the emergency and their arrival is crucial for the survival of the patient. If you have the proper training, you can immediately provide first-aid help during this interval and help the patient survive, just until professional medical help arrives.