Responsible Administration of CPR Through Proper Training and Certification

January 30, 2013Comments Off on Responsible Administration of CPR Through Proper Training and Certification

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR, is an emergency medical procedure that is given to individuals who are suffering from cardiac arrest, as in the case of a heart attack. It is used to maintain normal brain function until advanced medical procedures that can restore spontaneous blood flow and normal breathing can be performed. People who have a heart attack often lose consciousness, and can possibly stop breathing or breathe irregularly. It is an important medical procedure that was developed in the early 20th century, and has successfully preserved the lives of countless individuals. A person who has had proper CPR training certification can provide assistance in various emergency situations. This is why many feel that a working knowledge of how to properly give CPR is an important skill which could come in handy one day.

Before taking CPR training certification, it helps to never underestimate the likelihood of ever needing to perform CPR on a family member, a loved one, a friend, or even for a complete stranger. Studies in the past have shown that heart disease in the US have accounted for more than seven hundred thousand deaths a year, which is a staggering figure by any standards. Strictly speaking, CPR cannot restart a stopped heart. However, if properly administered, the combination of CPR and artificial respiration techniques does have the potential to help restart a heart that has stopped beating, but only if they are administered within minutes of the stoppage. It is risky for a person who has not undergone proper CPR training certification to administer CPR because there are various health risks associated with improper CPR delivery. These include blunt trauma to the chest, as well as bruising or fracturing to the sternum and rib cage.

Because of the dangers involved in irresponsibly and incorrectly administering CPR, many hospitals and medical organizations have developed information dissemination campaigns that encourage people to take CPR training certification courses in order for them to learn the proper way of executing the techniques involved in CPR. By educating people about the benefits of knowing how to administer CPR properly, they become more capable of providing immediate assistance emergency medical cases.

People in the US who wish to receive CPR training can check with the American Heart Association, or AHA, in order to find a schedule of classes and examinations that they can take. Many of the classes offered by the AHA today can be taken online, while others can be taken at any of AHA’s local offices. Another way to earn CPR certification is by contacting the American Red Cross, which also offers CPR classes through its numerous local offices located all across the country. Individuals working in the medical field may also check with their company’s human resources department, in order to see if there are any CPR classes that they can take at work. There are also several local schools, churches and community centers that offer CPR classes with the assistance of the AHA, the American Red Cross, or from the local fire department and emergency rescuers.