Secure Your Home with an AED

May 30, 2013Comments Off on Secure Your Home with an AED

The times today have become so unpredictable that certain safety measures need to be made. You can never be too careful when it comes to keeping you and your family’s safe. You would not want there to be a time when you realize the need for such precautionary when it is too late now, would you? Do not hold back when ensuring safety. Perhaps what you need is to implement in your home some of the safety methods that are more commonly used for public areas. This might just make you more comfortable in your home, knowing that safety is in place.

One thing that you might find useful for your home is an AED program. Some people might tell you that you are going way overboard, but what do they know? Studies show that everyone might suffer sudden cardiac arrest at anytime. Furthermore, most people who buy AEDs usually ends up having to use it at some point in their lives. With an AED program you save yourself from regretting the big mistake of not being ready for a sudden cardiac arrest incident.

Just think, what if it was just you and one other loved one in your home, perhaps a family member or a friend who is just there to visit. What you would expect of course is a normal time together. Imagine that the person suddenly collapsing with their hands tightly held across their chest. Quite obviously you would realize that you are dealing with a sudden cardiac arrest. The first thing you would do is normally to call an emergency response team. What then? Are you just going to watch and see if the emergency response team can get there in time before that person you care about succumbs to their death? You cannot take that risk obviously, and if only you had an AED program at home, you would have probably given the person the helped that they needed just seconds after they have collapsed. It is a fact that the first three minutes after the victim has collapsed is crucial. They should quickly be given the treatment that they need or else their survival rate decreases at every minute that passes. With an AED program  you might have even been able to revive the victim before the emergency response team arrived.

Clearly, an AED program should not be limited upon what people has thought of them to be. If you think that they are only needed for public places like offices, hospitals and schools, you had better think again. Your home is where you and your family are most likely to be in at all times. Everyone, including your family, can possibly be a sudden cardiac arrest victim. You should not risk their lives by relying on good faith that this condition will not befall them. It is best to be prepared. Start by purchasing an AED and getting the training for its use. It might just be that one step that can resolve a problem that awaits in your future.