Should You Undergo CPR Training?

February 10, 2016Comments Off on Should You Undergo CPR Training?

Many individuals believe that Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Training is not necessary since there will always be rescuers who will make haste to their locations whenever emergency situations arise. However, there are several good reasons why CPR Training is one that you should seriously consider undergoing.

Living in Remote Locations

If you are living in a remote location and an emergency arises, such as a sudden heart attack or an untoward accident, the possibility of help arriving immediately is seemingly remote. In such a case, knowledge of CPR will prove useful. A minute or two of CPR may just spell the difference between saving the life of a loved one and simply waiting for the worst to come.

Fatal Accidents

Accidents are called as such because they happen when you least expect them. When these incidents occur it is better to be armed with skills gained from the proper CPR Training as your presence might be the key in saving someone’s life.

The basic CPR, which involves successive chest compressions of about 100/minute can be done by any individual even with the slightest training. This method would only require you to put both hands, locked together, in the middle of the chest of the victim and continuously pump it to the tune of “Stayin Alive.” The more advanced CPR method, administered by trained individuals, involves giving rescue breaths in between pumps.

So if you happen to witness an accident and the victim’s heart has stopped beating, it would be crucial to administer any type of CPR, whether the basic hands-only CPR or the more advanced one until help arrives.

Predisposition to Heart Attack

If it would seem that your ascendants or most family members have died due to a heart attack or a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), then it becomes a must for you to undergo CPR Training. Victims of SCA normally lose consciousness immediately and their hearts would simply stop beating. When this happens, aside from calling 911, administer CPR without a second thought. Recent studies have shown that administering CPR longer than 30 minutes increases the chances of survival of the victim.

One can see that CPR training is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Even if your circumstance does not fall in any of the three above, your knowledge in CPR will certainly help save lives comes the time that somebody would need it. The life that you save might even be that of a friend or family.

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