Striking Gold with an AED Manager

September 28, 2015Comments Off on Striking Gold with an AED Manager

Lifesaving is serious business, especially if you are dealing with a structure with many incumbents prone to sicknesses such as Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) or Stroke. Businesses that provide Automatic External Defibrillator or AED management should be called to iron things out in order to avoid certain complications from rearing its ugly head.

According to, approximately 350,000 shall suffer SCA this year. While it is already a known fact that AED is the number one device in handling AED cases, most people do not have an AED management service that would fit their needs.

Signing up with one does not automatically ensure the best results. A simple subscription is not enough to ensure the safety of high-risk profiles for defibrillation. One should file for a smart provider because you are dealing with the life of multiple people.

Get those who state solid facts, backed up by empirical data and a couple of customer reviews. Always get or look at the at the satisfaction rating of the company.

Once you already have a few managers on your list, you can finally proceed to dealing AED management with them.

A good provider will be there to customize their program to fit your needs. They know that companies and organizations differ from one another.

They will acknowledge factors that modify customer experience and client relations, and will negotiate a more reasonable contract with you. Certain factors like location and proficiency of the area in using AED’s shall be weighed in.

Some even employ Cardiac Science technicians to further customer enjoyment and a better working relationship with their clients.

They will even give you timely updates, such as scheduling a battery replacement for the AED units and expiration dates. They are also responsible for training and introducing others how an AED works.  An AED management provider has hands-on instructors willing to teach both new and old students.

Survival and managing AED’s is directly proportional. If survival rate is up, it should only mean that AED management is successful and on the right path. Lives are saved with every successful move carried by the managing body.

Having a credible organization handle all AED-related cases can take off the stress off a certain area. No more panic-calling 911 because someone is down and no one can do anything about it. Instead of worrying intensely about what to do in a faint or stroke case, those within the vicinity can go around the situation while waiting for further rescue to arrive.

You know your organization made the right deal when you see that their company is making an honest effort to help your organization out with its AED’s.

It will be remembered that an umpire collapsed in a ball park in Liberty, Kansas, a place without ample AED units available in the vicinity. Funds have been raised for a foundation that shall install units in all public places.

Don’t wait for something like that to happen before hiring someone for AED management. Lives are at stake here.