Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AED

July 23, 2013Comments Off on Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AED

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is something that everyone would like to avoid as much as possible. However, the sad truth is that it is very unpredictable and might come at the most unexpected moments. To get in details why it is so terrifying to experience this so-called sudden cardiac arrest or SCA for short, it is the abrupt loss of heart function, regardless of whether or not the victim is suffering from a heart disease. It comes so abruptly that death might occur in that very instant. The abnormal heart rhythms which are called arrhythmias are more often than not the cause of SCA. One particular classification of arrhythmia is the common ventricular fibrillation. This shifts the heart’s electrical impulses into a sudden state of disorder and ultimately renders it ineffective. What follows is the blood flow to the brain is hindered, causing the victim to lose consciousness. If the heart rhythm is not restored to its normal state, death is surely comes after only a few minutes. This is where an AED program will serve its purpose.

The AED (automated external defibrillator) is a high-tech medical device that helps in restoring a victim’s normal heart rhythm. Initially, what an administrator of the AED program would do is to check the victim’s heart rhythm with the device. With it, he or she can determine if the victim requires a shock. This sophisticated device is cleverly designed with voice prompts, lights and text messages through which the rescuer can know exactly what to do with the victim. Due to its high-end structure, people might think that it is hard to operate the device. The truth is that using can be actually quite simple if a person has undergone the proper training for it. For this, an establishment must make use of an appropriate AED program training in which the personnel might become familiar on how to use it safely.

There are many models of AEDs from various distributors. Though experts are not exactly precise on which one can be best used, business owners must still put a great deal of consideration in choosing which brand to use. This will help their AED program to be more effective.

The sheer importance of having an AED program has become important that those who do not implement them will now have to face legal issues. If a company or organization has an AED in their premises their liability for incidents within their establishments are reduced. Actually, in Columbia, all of the 50 states and districts have incorporated the use of AEDs in their so-called Good Samaritan laws.  Meanwhile, the Cardiac Arrest Survival Act of 2000 now enforces federal buildings to have AEDs and gives federal liability protection for anyone who will use an AED to help someone in need.  The act also assumes restricted immunity for those who purchase or use the device. The laws are different for different states, but the sole idea is to limit the liability of a person who will make use of an AED to save a life.