Taking Better Care of Your Heart

May 19, 2014Comments Off on Taking Better Care of Your Heart

Your heart is one of those responsible for ensuring that your other organs are able to function smoothly. That being the case, it is only right that you really take time to get to know what are the things you need to do in order to better take care of it.

When it comes to your heart, nothing beats having the right diet. Foods that are low in “bad cholesterol” is good for the heart. While you’re at it, you might also want to consider if there is any on your plate that causes your middle to go out of shape. This is because studies suggest that having a waistline that’s out of shape actually puts pressure on the heart and is known to lead to hypertension. That means, aside from making sure that you eat right, you also have to find a way to make sure that you shed off those excess calories that you have taken in. Some of the food items that you might want to consider, however, include salsa, fish, lots of greens, and of course, fruits. A moderate quantity of alcohol, particularly red wine has also been known to increase HDL, also known as the good cholesterol, which, as the name implies, is good for the heart.

While it might sound funny, having sex is actually one of the best ways to keep your heart in shape. Aside from lowering blood pressure, studies also suggest that having regular bedtime romp can actually lessen your risk of developing certain heart diseases. Sex has also been known to act as a stress reliever further allowing your heart much needed energy.

No matter what kind of dance you are into, moving your feet and swaying your hips can actually do wonders for your heart. This is a good alternative for those who abhor working out. As long as you are moving to a certain tune, you are actually raising your heart rate as well as burning some calories. A dance routine lasting at least 30 minutes should do the trick. If you are the type who happens to have two left feet, then your best bet would be to enroll yourself in some yoga classes. Yoga classes not only help keep you limber, it also allows you to deal with stress in a more productive manner.

As clichéd as it may sound being positive and really laughing out loud can give your heart more mileage. It is important to note that stress, which is the opposite of being able to laugh out loud, actually causes your endothelium to be damaged. This, in turn, can cause a number of problems concerning your blood flow.

Of course, it is also a good idea to be aware of your numbers. This would include your blood sugar as well as your blood pressure. This can help you monitor your pattern and know when you need to slow down a bit or when you can have the time of your life. Now, while you’re at it, you might also want to consider having an AED unit around just in case something happens to you. An AED unit can prove to be helpful even when there’s no one around who knows CPR.