Taking Care of the Heart with an Example of Medical Innovation

February 27, 2013Comments Off on Taking Care of the Heart with an Example of Medical Innovation

The human heart is a remarkably resilient part of the body. It works through all hours of the day, through all days of the year up until a person finally gives into the bounds of mortality. Over the course of a lifetime, the heart remains the one constant, beating up until the bitter end. Unfortunately for some people, the heart will actually experience a few technical difficulties way before the rest of the body is due to break down. Whether as a result of abuse or just negligence, the heart may begin to deteriorate quicker than the rest of the body, and that does not translate to a very long and comfortable life. This is the reason why medical professionals have been so intent on finding ways to preserve and maintain the strength of the heart. The endeavor has been very fruitful so far, resulting in a number of medical innovations. It is the reason for why the automated external defibrillator has been made into reality.

The device more commonly known as the AED has been one of the more widely-used pieces of medical equipment. The reason behind its wide usage is the fact that it is one of the few examples of medical equipment that can actually be taken out onto the field. This is because the AED has been designed to be very compact. It is in fact, remarkably compact, to the point that medical professionals can take it to almost any remote location, ready to act at a moment’s notice. The compact characteristic of the device allows it to be taken into any venue and this is one of its main selling points. Aside from that compact characteristic, this device has also been designed to be very accessible. It is accessible in the sense that almost anyone can use it, even people without any medical knowledge. In order to make up for an individual’s lack of medical knowledge, the device provides audio and visual commands that guide the user to the right course of action.

The characteristics of the AED already make it an effective piece of equipment, but it would still be useless without good functions. There are actually two functions in this case, and they both serve to help with any potential problems that may arise with the heart. The first function of the automated external defibrillator is all about diagnosing the actual heart. The device checks the heart’s current rhythm and it helps people determine whether or not it is working exactly as it should. The data the AED provides is very valuable, especially since identifying any irregular rhythm may help prevent a future heart attack.

The second function of the AED is decidedly more direct. It can provide a small jolt of electricity to the heart, effectively setting the rhythm of the heart right back to where it should be. This function is used in the event of a heart attack, and it can help save people even when they are not at the hospital.

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