Taking CPR Classes Online

July 27, 2012Comments Off on Taking CPR Classes Online

Known as the authority and the national training site for all first aid training, Citywide CPR Inc. is also offering their CPR training via the Internet. In partnership with the American Heart Association, Emergency Care and Safety Institute, and the American Safety and Health Institute, Citywide CPR is the authorized provider of all healthcare and first air training programs needed to set the bar higher for employee competency in the medical industry.

Taking first aid training to a whole new level, Citywide CPR has launched their services on the Internet for an eLearning program which are meant for those who have hectic schedule and do not have the luxury of time to attend the traditional classroom sessions. Though eLearning CPR course will only take place on the web, one simply cannot look down on these classes as the level of learning is just as the same with classroom setups. A CPR student on the web will be able to learn everything a classroom student will know it’s just that the two differ in setting. Citywide CPR Inc.’s eLearning program will include a web-based learning session, interactive practical classes, and testing sessions with a skilled instructor from the American Heart Association. Upon the completion of the training course, the American Heart Association together with the Citywide CPR Inc. will endorse the student for a Heart Saver Completion Card.

AHA and Citywide CPR are in full force with the commitment of reducing the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases and strokes. They are dedicated to provide healthcare and first aid competency to healthcare professionals such as nurses and nurses’ aides in all corners of the United States. Aside from professionals, they are also encouraging civilians to equip themselves with the knowledge in CPR for they do not know when will there be a need for CPR in case someone in the area stops breathing and there is no healthcare facility near the area.

Apart from training programs and certifications with focus on CPR, BLS, ACLS, PALS, and OSHA, they are also offering AED training, certification and servicing which is collectively known as the AED Program management which focal point is on the upkeep and monitoring of all AED units in the country, training AED operators and making sure that there is a nearby AED to be of rescue to emergency situations.


At a fraction of the usual cost, Citywide CPR Inc. can provide all healthcare facilities, professionals and non-professionals with the adequate training needed to become competitive, assertive and alert in all situations.

Saving a life does not happen merely by accident, in fact, people who have saved lives would not be able to save a dying person if it weren’t for their knowledge about CPR and first aid. Whether they have watched it on movies or videos or have read in a book, knowledge in proper CPR is indispensable these days for you will never know when someone will need your help in surviving cardiac or asthma attacks.

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