Technology and Scientific Breakthroughs: Good or Bad for the Heart?

January 9, 2014Comments Off on Technology and Scientific Breakthroughs: Good or Bad for the Heart?

People nowadays are fortunate enough to become beneficiaries of the discoveries, inventions, innovations, and other contributions made by the great minds of the previous centuries and of today as well. In the field of medicine and healthcare, technology and scientific discoveries have become of great help for practitioners on dealing with the various medical threats to humanity. The problem is, while the quality of living is set to higher standards, new risks and problems come along with it.

Because many people are now living fast-paced, most of them take advantage of the convenience brought by instant foods. Indeed, ready-to-eat foods are of great help whenever you are in a hurry or when you don’t have access to any cooking equipment. Canned goods, cup noodles, bottled beverage, chips, chocolate bars, and candies are just some examples of this kind of food. These are mostly in a portable size and packaging so that you can have it with you as you travel and eat it whenever you need to. Most of these are also available or primarily offered in convenience stores that are typically open throughout each day. Other than the busy people, those with a sedentary way of living are thankful for such convenience.

However, it’s too bad that majority of the instant foods are either lacking in essential nutrients or excessive in unhealthy ingredients. Many of these consist of artificial flavorings and preservatives that are both harmful to one’s health, including the heart. This explains why such people are likely to suffer from certain cardiovascular diseases.

On the other hand, another seemingly negative effect of scientific and technological advancements of today is the promotion of laziness in everyday living. This again goes to people with fast-paced and sedentary lifestyles. Nowadays, almost all household chores and other daily activities can be passed on to machines such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, electric dishwashers, and food blenders or grinders. Adding to these is the automation of tasks through the inclusion of processors and other computerized components on various commonly used equipment inside the house or office. Examples for that include automatic light switches, window blinds, doors and gates, and other sophisticated items that no longer need human effort to perform the necessary functions.

What makes such convenience bothersome is that people tend to ignore the importance of exerting their own force for their daily activities. Lack of musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory performance is not healthy anymore, particularly to the heart. Although the said machines are basically intended to help people find time to rest or do more out of their limited time, it does not necessarily mean that your body deserves to do nothing at all. Instead, always seek opportunity to exercise your muscles and bones, as well as your heart and brain in order to sustain their normal functionalities.

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