The Almond Magic

June 2, 2014Comments Off on The Almond Magic

As we know, the heart is considered to be one of the major muscles in the body. Although relatively the size of a fist, it is responsible for making sure that all the other organs are able to receive nutrients in order to efficiently perform their work. It is also only in the heart that one can find a group of self-starting cells. These cells are responsible for making sure that the beating pattern of the heart is kept to a regular rhythm. Because of the role that it plays in maintaining the other organs, it becomes even more important that we take care of our heart. While exercise and living a healthy lifestyle are some of the ways this can be done, nothing beats having the right kind of meal on your table. Not many people may know it but almonds is one of the food items that should not be without in your table.

If there is one kind of nut that you should be nuts (pun intended!) about, it should be the lowly Almonds. Almonds have been known to contain significant amount of anti-oxidants, fiber, and a number of vitamins and minerals. While the health benefits of Almonds have long been known among medical professionals as well as ordinary consumers, it is only recently that a research has been done about its various benefits to the heart.

Almonds belong to a species of trees that is considered to be native to the Middle Eastern region of Asia. It is considered to be a relative of the Peach and is valued for the edible seeds of the same name. With the recent study releases by the Aston University in the UK, it has been found out that almonds can actually help minimize the risk of heart problems by ensuring that one has healthy blood vessels. With the addition of almonds in one’s diet, researchers have observed lower blood pressure levels as well as lower risks for heart diseases, partly due to the presence of mono-unsaturated fats. This is credited to the fact that, with almonds one’s diet, the level of anti-oxidants is increased. Aside from providing enough anti-oxidants, almonds is also a good source of potassium which helps in maintaining the regular beating pattern of the heart. Having said that, the study also points to the fact that Mediterranean diet is considered to be one of the most healthiest meal around.

Now, while the lowly almond is something that can really help lower the risk of heart diseases, it is still nothing if you do not make sure that you have a regular exercise regiment as well as cut out some of the vices that you might have. This would include smoking, having too little sleep, and stressing yourself out.

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