The Benefits of Earning CPR Certification

June 7, 2013Comments Off on The Benefits of Earning CPR Certification

Some businesses in the United States tend to overlook the importance of looking for creative ways to reduce operation costs. There are those companies that would require their employees to bring their own toilet paper just to help the company save money. People hear these stories without questioning if this strategy will work. Business operators do not realize the other less extreme ways to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality and safety of the work place. With millions of Americans today who are unemployed, only a selected few are fortunate enough to land a job. And it is unfortunate for other people who leave and wait for several unfruitful job applications and still do nothing to increase their luck of getting employed. Both employers and job seekers feel frustrated with the same kind of result – failure. Admittedly, there is no single and only solution to these multiple problems, but people can take some small steps to turn these odds around.

One of the plausible solutions to give a try is by getting CPR Training and become certified. Top industries in the country highly recommend to job seekers and employers to have the latest CPR/AED as part of securing their environment. In some cases, employers set it as a provision of employment and the applicant must have a significant experience in administering first aid to patients. Recent reports also showed that there is an influx in AED machines in various work settings and facilities to protect both the staff and businesses. Thus, this circumstance resulted to an increased need to train employees how to administer CPR/AED properly. Both parties can definitely benefit from CPR Training as employees and employers by which they will be able to reduce mortality rate in the work place, lessening also the chances of risk management issues.

One obvious benefit of CPR Training for employers is the chance to lower their insurance risk and premiums. Insurers typically like it the most when their policy holders are prepared for the worst case scenario like hospitalization or death of an insured employee. This holds true for employers who have prepared actions to reduce their risk, which is a reason to negotiate with insurers in terms of rates. Employers may actually find that they are eligible for discounts in premiums when they have properly trained CPR and first aid specialists.

Another benefit of CPR Training is that it can help employers maintain a better and safer work place. In fact, the inclusion of CPR Training to become part of a company’s general program of first aid is now recommended by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Another way to look at the benefits of CPR certification is that increased market value and skills of job applicants. Becoming a certified CPR staff can make a positive difference. Besides, earning this certification is increasingly becoming required by several companies throughout the US, it is only advisable to take advantage of this opportunity and get ahead of the competition. A CPR/AED certification is a plus to consider by any potential employers.