The Boy’s Hero

September 9, 2015Comments Off on The Boy’s Hero

A little boy doesn’t know his name but he guesses that he might be about high school in his age. He witnessed him in action as the young man saved a little boy from drowning with the use of CPR. He wanted to let the young man know how proud he is for his efforts.

The little boy knows that it is the job of the young man but it also his worst fear for the reason that no one can ever have enough CPR training to prepare the respondent for what the moment would actually feel like.

The little boy saw the entire episode play out as it was is slow motion. He could see the body of the drowned kid limp as the lifeguard carried him out of the water and laying him into the shore. At that point, he remembered, that he hasn’t even seen what was happening during that faithful day.

The lifeguard started to do compressions on the little boy’s chest when he knew that the situation has become bad, doing CPR to try to save the life of the drowned kid while others dialled 911. When the adults started to reach him and asked if he needed help, the lifeguard looked at them in the eye and said yes! For that, the respect of the boy only grew bigger for the lifeguard, he gave him a huge kudos.

The lifeguard may have been frightened and felt out of your league in the situation, but he was willing to accept help from those who could give it. He was a brave soul with the courage to accept that he cannot do it alone and accept the other people’s help in order to save the life of the drowned kid.

Moments later, help has arrived and the area was cleared to give space for the professionals to do their job properly. The lifeguard was with them, ready to provide assistance when needed. He appears to be shaken as anyone would be for in that moment, the lifeguard was the one responsible for the life of the drowned little kid.

The boy is very much proud of the heroics the lifeguard did during that day. Had he been a few seconds later, the story would have ended quite differently, something that is not very good. The lifeguard is very respondent, alert, and aware of what was going on in the water, responsible of watching over the lives of many people swimming in the beach guessing at about a hundred kids and adults in there. It might have been the very first rescue of the lifeguard but it did not matter for what he did was very heroic and for that, the boy that saw the entire episode was very much in awe and applauded him afar.

The little boy believed that some lifeguard follow certain protocols in situations just like this but because of the quick response and action of the lifeguard, a little boy and his family are together and happy today.