The Essence of an AED Program to Your Establishment

August 7, 2013Comments Off on The Essence of an AED Program to Your Establishment

Surely you are aware of Sudden Cardiac Arrests, otherwise simply shortened to SCAs, and complications they pose to any inflicted individual. It is a serious condition that can practically lead to a person’s death within just a matter of minutes. As a matter of fact, in the US alone, there have been many cases of SCAs recorded and the numbers are still increasing. Furthermore, statistics would later show that regardless of age, any person can be subjected into sustaining this abrupt heart failure, making it highly important for any given place to be ready to facilitate the immediate help needed for such cases. Considering how these incidents can come as quite a surprise, various health organizations have thought of a comprehensive solution; the implementation of an AED program for any public place.

AED or (Automated External Defibrillation) is life-saving technique that makes use of an AED device that restores the bodily functions of a victim rendered unconscious due to SCA. This is a very important method to be administered to the victim as the basic application of CPR is known to be less effective. On the other hand, with the administration of AED after a CPR, the survival rate of the victim is effectively doubled. It is for this reason that many places have now taken the liberty to implement their own AED program. Of course, the term does not simply refer to the purchase and installation of the AED devices. The comprehensive coverage of an AED program is to have both the devices and the people who are able to operate them. Of course, without the people who are trained for it use, the devices will ultimately be rendered useless. As easy as the most advanced models are made to be handled, a rescue operation will still always be more secured with the right person doing the administration.

To help the many commercial establishments as well as government agencies today, many health centers and institutions are extending a lot of effort into educating people about the proper implementation of an AED program. Aside from that, they also offer training courses for the use of AED devices as well as the supplementary application of CPR. This is because of the fact that the application of both can be very valuable in doubling the victim’s survival rate.

With the current issues regarding the health of people which is greatly affected by bad lifestyle habit and choices, perhaps it is timely that the efforts in bringing AED programs in public environments are more emphasized. Respectively, in some states, it is required by law for certain establishments to have an AED program. If not, it can be serve as enough grounds for the owner of the establishment to cited for negligence.

Certainly, whether or not there is an AED compliance in place, you should make it your responsibility to ensure that you have a program in place. Not only will it make your establishment more secured of any unexpected accidents, you can also have a decreased liability.