The Impact of CPR Training

August 23, 2012Comments Off on The Impact of CPR Training

Being able to save a life can be challenging for most people. In most cases, there is always the risk of doing more harm than good especially if the responder has not undergone any training on how to administer CPR or how to make use of an AED. This is the reason why more and more countries around the world are making sure that first responders as well as ordinary citizens have access to CPR Training.

CPR Training typically teaches participants how to recognize signs and symptoms of choking as well as cardiac arrest. Participants also get to learn the proper way on how to get the heart beating again involving both adult patients as well as children.

The increase in the number of institutions providing CPR training has definitely made an impact in the number of lives saved. Take for example London. Decades ago, only 5% of those who suffered from cardiac arrest were resuscitated and brought to the hospital. Today, however, the area boasts of a 32% rate when it comes to resuscitated individuals who were discharged from the hospital. These figures include only those who had suffered heart attack, the name by which cardiac arrest is more popularly known, while they are out on the street. This does not include those who had cardiac arrest while in the hospital. The increase in the number of survivors is credited to the fact that more and more people are now aware on what needs to be done if they witness someone having a heart attack.

One fine example of just how effective knowledge in CPR is in saving someone’s life is the case of Eric Baecht. Baecht was on his way to his classes when all of sudden he lost consciousness and fell on the floor. Fortunately for him, Health Teacher Jim Porras witnessed what happened and, without losing any moment, started checking if he is responsive or not. Once done, he decided to go on and administer CPR while the other bystanders went to call the school nurse as well as 911.The school nurse, Tari Gibson, also helped Porras in administering the CPR as they waited for the paramedics to arrive.

This was also the situation that Lauren Kornacki found her self in, although she was the responder rather than the victim. The hard part is, it was her father who was the victim. What happened was her father, Alen, was busy working under his car when the jack slipped causing the car to fall on his chest. Lauren found him pinned down and unconscious. After moving the car all by herself, Lauren started administering CPR to her father. This was crucial as Alen was already without oxygen and with no heart beat for almost 5 minutes. Because of her quick thinking and knowledge of CPR, Alen is still alive, albeit suffering from a number of broken bones brought about by the car crushing his chest.

If you would like to be one of those who can offer readily help when someone around you suffers from heart attack, then you should undergo CPR Training with the help of Citywide CPR.