The Importance of Having Duly Registered and Well-Maintained AEDs in Public Areas

July 11, 2012Comments Off on The Importance of Having Duly Registered and Well-Maintained AEDs in Public Areas

Heart disease is a silent killer. There are so many people who have no history of heart disease yet were aghast to find out that they have this dreaded condition and find out about it when it suddenly attacks. Over the years, the rising numbers of people who are losing their lives due to undiagnosed heart problems are disheartening. Some people only learn about their heart problem when it suddenly stops pumping right out in the middle of nowhere where they are completely helpless about their condition. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of young kids who die of undiagnosed heart complications every week. This would not have happened if it only for these two reasons: one, if their heart disease came out of hiding earlier, and two, if there are automated external defibrillators in all public places where there is a chance of putting it to good use to save a life.

Automated external defibrillators, or shortly known as AED or defibrillators are machines which are used to deliver a therapeutic amount of electrical energy to the heart of a person who suddenly stopped beating. The goal is to bring back the normal rhythm of the heart with the help of a defibrillator. Though defibrillators are very easy-to-use and also very efficient, this device will need proper maintenance as it is consists of batteries which needs to be replaced regularly as well as its other parts that completes its functions. An AED which is not maintained well has the possibility of just suddenly turning off when in use. When this happens, the person whose heart suddenly stopped beating has the high chance of losing his life because the defibrillator suddenly lost its function and power. Needless to say, An unmaintained defibrillator is more likely to be futile at all, thus defeating its noble purpose of saving lives on instances where they are needed the most.

For a great number of repetitive situations where the AEDs suddenly stopped working, the US government has come to a point where they are now requiring all defibrillators to undergo licensing, registration, maintenance and certification, and all AED operators to go under training with the help of Citywide CPR.

Citywide CPR is the national partner of the American Heart Association and is trusted by the government in offering first aid classes, training and recertification and in managing a program for the upkeep and recertification of defibrillators. They offer a complete web-based solution with a tracking system and program aspect monitoring. Tracking of all defibrillators is needed so that in times of emergencies, people in the area will know where the nearest AED located is.

Large or small companies, everyone is encouraged to have their AEDs monitored in a program to guarantee the function of the tool as well as to put your company out of liabilities and complaints.

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