The Lifesaving Functions of a Highly Valuable Medical Invention

February 19, 2013Comments Off on The Lifesaving Functions of a Highly Valuable Medical Invention

The human body is a remarkably complex, yet eminently fragile organism. For all the protection systems found embedded within the structure of the body, it is still very fallible, even frail in certain respects. No single part of the body demonstrates this dichotomy quite like the heart. It is the body part tasked with such important duties. It is the one organ of the body capable of carrying out the task of pumping blood. The removal of the heart and its functions will render the body lifeless, and it is why people so fervently take care of theirs. Unfortunately, people can still get caught off guard by a sudden cardiac arrest. These rare instances have brought about the invention of the automated external defibrillator.

People may be largely unfamiliar with this device given its name, but anyone who has ever seen a medical-themed TV show or movie has probably had a look at it. The dimensions of the device itself are quite diminutive. This has been done on purpose and it is to allow the device to be taken anywhere. Seeing as how cardiac arrests rarely happen when they are actually expected, the ubiquitous presence of this device is very welcome, particularly in areas where crowds usually gather. The device is also very easy to operate. It has been designed in this manner so that even people without any form of medical training can use it. This makes it the ideal accompaniment to a good dose of CPR training. Hundreds and maybe even thousands of lives every year can be saved just by the widespread prevalence of this device. The portable and easily operable characteristics of the AED only elevate its importance within the landscape of an increasingly heart-troubled society.

An automated external defibrillator actually has two different functions. The first function of the device is to check on a person’s heart rhythm. Given how many people are diagnosed with heart maladies all over the world, this purpose of the device is indeed very necessary. With one use of this function, a person currently experiencing chest pains can be diagnosed immediately. It also works as a preventative tool, effectively stopping the heart attack before it can strike. The other function of the device is to actually treat the cardiac arrest when it does strike.

It may not seem to be the case upon first look, but the heart actually possesses an electrical system that allows it to regulate the rate at which it beats. This system has been finely tuned and any alteration of it, one way or the other, could cause potentially major damage to the body. When that electrical system suddenly goes haywire, that is when the problems begin to emerge and it is also when the AED becomes very important. This device can send the needed electrical shocks that are essential to the heart being able to return to its normal rhythm. This little dose of electricity can very well save lives, and that makes the AED one of the most singularly important medical inventions.

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