The Man-made Marvel that Can Help Save Lives

February 21, 2013Comments Off on The Man-made Marvel that Can Help Save Lives

People looking for the embodiment of a perfectly-designed machine need to look no further than their own mirrors. Staring right back at them is a machine whose every part has been configured carefully. It is a machine filled with parts that fulfill very specific functions, and the improper operation of even one can disrupt the harmony of the entirety. This highly delicate nature of the body and its parts makes it even more susceptible to long-term damage. That reality should also prompt people to take better care of themselves, in order to ensure that the magnificent machine they have been bestowed with does not get destroyed well before its time. Instances of disaster are inevitable however, and people need to act quickly just to make sure that the damage is not too severe. For these few moments that require immediate and intensive medical attention, the presence of an automated external defibrillator is very important.

This highly important device may not be as familiar as some of the others that medical professionals wield on a daily basis, but it is very important nonetheless. It has been designed with practicality in mind so the designers of the device were very careful to make sure that it could still be termed as portable. Portability is essential in this case because the device needs to be carried just about everywhere. It is routinely found at places where crowds gather to ensure that emergency medical care can be provided as soon as possible. Aside from being portable, the AED has also been designed to be very user-friendly. Since cardiac arrests are bound to happen when no medical professionals are readily available, the item itself is the one that instructs would-be resuscitators on how to properly administer emergency care.

The automated external defibrillator actually has two functions. First off, it can serve as a diagnostic tool. This portable and easy-to-use item is concerned with the rhythm of an individual’s heart and it can be used to determine whether or not said rhythm is regular or otherwise. In this capacity, the AED acts almost like a preventative measure, spotting a potential problem before it can manifest into something more troubling and fatal. The more well-known use of the device however, is to act as the first form of treatment for when a sudden heart attack strikes.

The heart may not exactly be deemed as an electronic device, but it does indeed employ an electrical system that allows it to work properly. The system works to keep the rhythm of the heart right where it should be, and that means that if it begins to malfunction in any way, then the body itself can be in for serious trouble. This is where the automated external defibrillator comes in. This device possesses the ability to provide a little jolt of electricity that is enough to fix the irregularities in the heart’s rhythm. That little jolt can become the difference between life and death, making this one of the most important devices to have nearby during life’s most crucial moments.

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