The Preservation of Human Life

October 13, 2015Comments Off on The Preservation of Human Life

The importance of AED must be so high to better preserve human life. It is a magnificent medical device that everyone should learn how to use. It can mean the difference between life and death, success and failure.

An AED or Automated External Defibrillator is a small medical machine that jolts a patient downed by a heart-related ailment. It is the only reliable medical device capable of jumpstarting a person’s heart. It also scans for a person’s vitals like heartbeat, rhythm, blood pressure, and even Oxygen levels

Small machine with big results

Building and business owners, for example, must know the importance of AED in their establishments. It is a simple thing people may overlook because some do not put health on top of their list. Some just want to earn, they do not foresee the things that may happen to them or to others.

Having an AED does not guarantee a proper and prosperous operation. Things can go south in an instant, even if you are fully armed. Your machine may not be the spark needed by the patient, but someone else, like rescue paramedics who are more equipped and knowledgeable than you.

Call for help whenever you would apply and use an AED. Even if you have it covered, contact help right away. Do not be afraid or think that calling for help is cowardly – soldiers call for medics immediately if they get shot. Paramedics have vehicles with them, complete with rescue and revival tools. Call them even if the patient has stabilized, for insurance and further checks.

Fighting it

You may not see the importance of AED right now, but if someone you love goes down because their heart suddenly stopped functioning and you have nothing or no one to help you, then you’d know how helplessness truly feels.

You can avoid hairy situations by knowing how to make use of AED. But first you have to know how to revive someone using your bare hands. CPR is a wide field with multiple processes you can use in saving someone’s life. All life is precious, as well as the seconds you may spend and waste trying to come up with a positive enough result.

You will learn how to properly apply chest compressions. You will be taught to use mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on people who may not be receptive to chest pumps. Someone may die in your arms even though you have done everything right, even if you use an AED. 

The Call to Duty

Once you get over all the basics, you can learn how to use an AED. The importance of AED to anyone is highlighted in their intentions. You can never save anyone’s life if you don’t learn advanced things like working an AED. Time is of the essence. Be precise, not quick, because you can commit mistakes if you go too fast.

Are you prepared to revive a loved one, friend, or even stranger suffering from sicknesses like Sudden Cardiac Arrest? How equipped are you in giving first aid to a near-drowning victim in the midst of shaken and panicking people? Will you be able to handle the pressure of having no AED’s in the area?

The call to duty can be difficult. Looking at the questions alone merits a lot of fear. But with the knowledge of what you must do, you can engage any situation with relative ease.