The Role of CPR Training in Millions of Heart Disease Sufferers

July 17, 2013Comments Off on The Role of CPR Training in Millions of Heart Disease Sufferers

Despite the sudden drop in the heart attack rates due to public smoking bans in some states, heart disease still tops the list of the cause of death for people in the US. The Heart Foundation had recently reported that heart disease claims one million lives within a year. This translates to the fact that for every 33 seconds, someone dies from heart disease. Another sad reality is that more people die because of cardiovascular problems than of any type of cancer and AIDS combined. Although controlling smoke pollution, particularly cigarette smoke, is proven effective in reducing heart attack rates, educating the people about what to do when a person suddenly suffers from heart attack and a compromise in breathing would make a big difference. In this case, CPR Training is highly recommended by medical experts even by the government.

In fact, there are companies nowadays that would require their employees to take CPR Training as part of their workplace safety campaign. Some employers would only even consider an applicant shortlisted if he or she has a CPR certification. This holds true for most hospital administrators and with the kind of setting they have, a person knowledgeable of administering CPR is definitely necessary. Either way, earning a CPR certification can credit you plus points in your resume. Aside from that, the greatest benefit that CPR Training can give is the life-saving skills that you can learn and use outside of school. Considering that every 33 seconds someone dies of heart disease a person with life-saving skills can be truly helpful. Another record shown by the Heart Foundation estimated that by 2020, heart disease will be the primary cause of death around the world. This goes to show that today is the right time to accept that social responsibility of taking other people at times of dire situation by taking up a CPR Training program.

Out of one million American victims of heart attack, half of it will happen without noticeable symptoms or signs. This is why there are also 250,000 Americans die of sudden heart attack, which translates to 680 people every day in a year. The most common victims are those age of 65 and under, people who are not so capable of administering other first aid techniques by themselves. By becoming a certified CPR specialist, you will be able to help those people in need of revival and first aid.

Good thing several schools and organizations have designed a program for a better CPR Training. In this way, you can be sure of getting quality education and higher chances of passing the certification exam. Make sure to enroll in a class facilitated by experienced instructors to help you become familiar about real-life emergencies, heart attacks without warning signs and other techniques. An intensive CPR Training will prepare become skilled in saving different people with unique heart disease problems. Aside from that, it will also prepare you from dealing with high pressure working environment, stress and very risky situations.