The Socially Responsible Person

June 11, 2013Comments Off on The Socially Responsible Person

Emergency cases like heart attack require immediate response from a person capable of administering CPR. This is what makes cardio-pulmonary resuscitation as an important skill that is recommended by national health organizations to learn. The good thing about this skill is that you do not need to be a practicing medical staff to use CPR. You just need to get CPR Training from an accredited school and pass the certification exam to become eligible for performing it during the most needed times. Unfortunately, no one will ever know when they may need to use the life-saving skills they can learn from this training. So, it is extremely important to be prepared at all costs and this can be achieved by fully immersing yourself in a CPR or first aid program. Becoming a certified CPR staff can empower you as you can help save someone’s life if in case he or she suddenly suffers from heart attack or when someone’s breathing stopped.

A good example of scenario when you may need to use your CPR skills is when a child accidently swallowed an object in his or her mouth. The child will choke and experiences difficulty in breathing that can lead to death. Knowing what to do at tough times like this allows you to react quickly and perform the necessary medical attention to save the child from his or her untimely death. There are times when unexpected situations may happen like when you encounter some whose heart has stopped. The foremost reaction should be CPR as the emergency response team may take a few minutes to arrive, and CPR specialists will only have a few seconds to revive the suffering patient. Administering CPR could alter life and death situation towards positive results for someone who has been unconscious after his heart stopped.

In most cases, CPR will work better if performed by two or multiple people knowledgeable of the right techniques to be used. Performing CPR alone can tire you out and may not help you do your cause in the end. However, when two people help out each other in performing CPR, the reviving may take longer and the other person can take a rest for a few seconds and regain composure and energy. CPR Training is indeed very useful during life and death situations that could make you feel empowered and skilled if done properly.

Aside from that, most companies nowadays seek job applicants who have significant encounters after earning their CPR certification. Employers most likely have in mind to give plus points to those who value their social responsibility in helping people in need of reviving. Plus, CPR training is a way to level up your skills and a great highlight to your resume. Keep in mind that employers are increasingly becoming interested in making CPR certification a part of their first program to provide a safer work place for their employees. So, it is only an excellent move for job applicants to consider enrolling in a CPR Training class to learn the necessary life-saving skills.