Things to Know Before Purchasing AEDs

May 17, 2012Comments Off on Things to Know Before Purchasing AEDs

Life has always been full of surprises. In the sudden turn of events, you happen to be with a person who suffers from sudden cardiac or pulmonary arrest. Then you are placed in a situation where you do not know what to do and you do not want to see that person die. In this instance, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or automated external defibrillator (AED) can help people save a person’s life. So, it is crucial to learn some of the basic things you need to provide for a person who suffers from cardiac arrest.

One of the most important things that the medical breakthrough has brought is the portable AEDs. It is a medical device created to increase the chances of recovery of a person who unexpectedly suffers from cardiac arrest. Since some people have minimal training in using such a device, the law prohibits purchasing it without a prescription from a certified physician. This physician is popularly known as the medical director of an AED program. During emergency situations, the medical director can also perform the standard operating procedures that are necessary to recover a person from cardiac arrest. So, if you want to own this device, you must first undergo proper AED Training and get a prescription from your AED training school’s medical director.

AED is a computer-based device that can check a person’s heart rate. It is accurate in information and easy to use. With Citywide CPR Incorporated, you can learn a lot of up to date information regarding AED devices. The company offers classroom-based and online courses for people who desire to have a proper training on how to use AED and eventually to own one. The classroom-based AED training features group interaction and tutoring from an experienced American Heart Association instructor. The online-based courses feature flexibility in schedule and workplace that allows a student to work at his/her own pace while taking the lesson. As part of the AHA’s eLearning program, it also features skills session in the form of hands-on practice and evaluation.

For an instance, if you want to provide your company AED devices as part of the risk management plan, you can enroll your employees to an AED training school. Citywide CPR extends their services to conduct AED or CPR trainings at your own workplace. The company has knowledgeable trainers that can provide up-to-date information about certain compliances that the country requires regarding AED’s. Prior to purchasing AEDs for public use, like in a workplace, individuals must obtain a medical prescription. With Citywide, the company ensures people that their service program guarantees standard and updated compliance to all states, local departments (US Food and Drug Administration), and federal laws.

On that basis, the company provides Medical Oversight Direction program for clients to assure that AED training and other programs are compliant with all laws governing such training programs. With a board certified physician, clients are rest assured that their AED program is properly managed and supervised at all costs.

In addition, Citywide CPR is a nationally known provider of CPR AED management programs, AED training, BLS, First aid certification, and other services.

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