Things to Remember in Selecting a CPR Training Company

March 12, 2012Comments Off on Things to Remember in Selecting a CPR Training Company

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is an essential emergency medical procedure that a person must be able to learn properly. With a proper CPR training, a person would be able to know the right ways in performing this one to save an individual from dying. Nothing is more satisfying than helping a person survive a near-death situation.

In line with the CPR training that individuals must undergo, it is very important for an individual to go for a provider that is very reliable with this one. CPR involves saving the lives of the people that’s why selecting a reputable company is just necessary.

One good criterion for selecting a CPR company is that it is certified by the American Heart Association or AHA. AHA is a non-profit organization that publishes a standard in the proper performance of CPR among others. Its certification for CPR companies is the most widely accepted in the United States. If a CPR training provider is affiliated with AHA, they would be able to offer the different training programs of the non-profit organization which includes:

  • Workplace Training Programs – Aside from providing CPR training in the workplace, AHA also provides classes on automated external defibrillator or AED and bloodborne pathogens. Businesses that can get this kind of training program are small enterprise, security and law enforcement agencies, health and fitness facilities, colleges, hospitality professionals, and childcare providers.
  • School-Based Training Programs – AHA has created a CPR training program that would cater middle and high school students or otherwise known as Heartsaver in Schools. In this program, students would be taught on the basic CPR skills along with choking resuscitation and AED use. The Heartsaver in Schools make use of manuals and audiovisual materials in multimedia format.
  • Community-Based Training Programs – This CPR class of AHA is focused on giving training to places where cardiovascular and other emergency situations frequently occur. By providing training courses to people in the community, AHA is able to build a network of responders. Some of the skills taught for this class are adult and child CPR skills.

An example of a company that provides CPR classes is Citywide CPR, Inc. The company serves as a national training site of AHA and other organizations such as Emergency Care and Safety Institute and American Safety and Health Institute. Citywide CPR has been in the business of providing CPR for more than 20 years already. Originally based in Chicagoland/Metropolitan area, Citywide CPR can be located in numerous locations across the United States.

In finding for a company that provides CPR class, knowing the training programs being offered is not just the one to look out for. There are also certain questions that need to be asked before signing up. Does everyone get a CPR card? Does everyone in the class get hands-on training? How are instructors certified?

Aside from being certified by the AHA, a reputable CPR class provider must also be certified by the American Red Cross among others.

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