Three Things to Remember Before Attending First Aid and CPR Training

April 5, 2012Comments Off on Three Things to Remember Before Attending First Aid and CPR Training

Being prepared for whatever situations it may be is something that is needed by all people, most especially when it comes to emergency medical situations. Knowing the things done in case a person suffers from a sudden cardiac arrest is very valuable for the survival of the victim. Based on several studies made by different agencies, the survival rate of a person from cardiac arrest is reduced by at least seven to ten percent in every minute that no emergency procedures are performed. In these kinds of situations, the emergency measures that need to be learned are first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation or (CPR).

Attending different training is a good way to get educated on the proper measures done for first aid and CPR. Before attending CPR training, there are a number of things that must be attended to.

The first thing is to confirm the CPR training details. This is very important especially since there are times that multiple course offerings in different times and locations are provided to accommodate professionals and ordinary individuals. Knowing the exact details of the training would not cause a person the possibility of missing the start date, which entails two consequences. The entire training session could be postponed or it might cost a person some amount of money especially with the nonrefundable course fee. If possible, a person must have a hard copy of the entire course details.

The second thing is to read the entire CPR training guidelines, from course objectives to expectations. The importance of this one is that it helps a person be focused during the entire duration of the training. Those seeking for certification should take note of this one since there are courses that requires written exams as well as analyzed hands-on demonstration. Reading the guidelines would also help a person know the materials necessary for the training such as index cards.

The third thing is learning the background information. Knowing the basic information and skills are needed since there are certain topics given during the training that are not being explained thoroughly. One of the things that a person can do regarding it is familiarizing with anatomy and physiology. This would give a person the ability to do the different first aid and CPR steps instinctual.

In doing so, you’d get to learn the basic skills required to be able to act calmly and handling one’s self without panicking.

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