Tips To Prevent Heart Attack

January 22, 2015Comments Off on Tips To Prevent Heart Attack

Heart attack is like a thief in the dead of night; but unlike thieves who only get material possessions that you can replace with again over time, heart attack steals the most important thing in the world: life. We’ll never know when it’s going to come, and how fatal it can be. So it is always best to look out and do preventive measures to avoid this deadly disease.

Truth be told, preventing heart attack is as easy as a pie. However, the circumstances that we put ourselves into become instant hindrances that keep us from having a healthy, happy life. But if you can put close circuit television (CCTV) cameras at home to keep thieves at bay, why wouldn’t you do the same for your health? Here are some ways to keep this dreaded disease from claiming precious lives.

It is never too early to take good care of your health. In fact, statistics have shown that due to sedentary lifestyle, poor food choices and bad habits, heart attack does not only happen to adults, but can even happen in young ones as well.

Finding a doctor to assess your health is very important. We can always say we feel healthy and well, but some of the diseases nowadays come when you least expect it. They can only be detected with tests, so make sure to get an appointment for your heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol and be honest about your diet and lifestyle, so your doctor can give the right diagnosis. Make sure that you also know your family’s health history; this plays a big part in your overall health. Better safe than sorry.

Eat right. You have heard this time and again that eating right is important, but the reason that it has to be repeated is because it’s true. Lowering foods rich in bad cholesterol like trans fat, saturated fats and sweeteners can greatly help in your well-being. Foods rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables and lean meats are best for your body.

Be physically active. Find an active sport that you enjoy so you won’t deviate from doing it. Boxing, running, swimming, are just some of the things that you can do. Mix it up so you won’t feel bored. If you don’t like any of these, walking at least two miles a day is advised. So avoid those elevators and try taking the stairs for a change. Simultaneously, quit your bad habits like smoking, or from secondhand smoke.

Remember, you have to take responsibility for your own body. With the vast information that we can freely get our hands into today, ignorance is no longer an excuse. Keep yourself updated with the latest stories and breakthroughs as well. Be responsible for your body, you only have one of it.

As a secondary precaution, it would also be a great idea to have an AED unit around. This way, no matter what happens or how much you or the people around you know about CPR, you can be sure that someone would be able to administer, at the very least, chest compression.