Top Causes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

January 4, 2016Comments Off on Top Causes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrests, commonly known as heart attacks, are one of the most proliferate killers in the country. With more than 300,000 lives claimed yearly, sudden cardiac arrest is truly a frighteningly large health problem in the country. Perhaps, the lifestyle of the people is to blame, but if the people cannot eat what they want to eat or do whatever they want to do, then they might as well be slaves. There is always a middle ground in which people can find healthy meals that they would want while keeping their weight in check, and the chances of having a sudden cardiac arrest remain low.

While science is searching for that middle ground to settle in, citizens must arm themselves with the power to be able to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Some of the ways you can help people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest include calling 911, calling medical services nearby, and administering CPR to the patient. The 911 operator that will answer your call can assist you in administering CPR, as well as conduct medical personnel to your location, but having some sort of training to help you in performing the procedure properly can be a great help.

Causes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac arrest can be caused by a lot of factors, mostly due to health problems concerning the health of the respiratory system, a large amount of electricity flowing through the body, and a connection between cardiac arrest and cholesterol in the body.

Respiratory Problems

Respiratory problems are one of the primary causes of sudden cardiac arrest. The lack of air within the lungs shocks the heart muscles, stopping it from beating. This is usually seen with a person who has drowned. With the lack of air in the lungs and the large amount of water, the heart ceases to function in a few minutes. CPR is a necessity upon acquisition of the victim, and it is a known way of flushing the water out of the lungs. Mouth-to-mouth is highly encouraged to quickly replenish the lost air in the lungs of a victim suffering from respiratory problems.

Electric Shock

As electric signals power the muscles in our body, a large magnitude of an electric shock can zap our body’s system and cause the heart to malfunction. For these type of sudden cardiac arrest, CPR is still a viable option, but advanced life support teams must come immediately for further specialized revival techniques.

Heart Problems

With the build-up of cholesterol in the blood vessels, there may be a chance that an artery or vein will be blocked. This will cause the heart to have trouble in pumping blood properly and may cause the heart muscles to weaken considerably, ending in heart failure. Although this is a much more complicated problem, administering CPR can still help in further revival attempts by the advanced life support team.

With all the causes of heart disease come different ways of administering CPR and needing medical attention. Never hesitate to help someone who looks to be in need of first aid life support, you may just save their lives.