Types of CPR Training to Undergo

January 14, 2016Comments Off on Types of CPR Training to Undergo

There are a lot of reasons why CPR training is essential. There are some jobs that even mandate an applicant to be OSHA certified to know CPR. There is a great need for people who can respond quickly in time of need, and as a citizen in this great country, we should be able to help those in need. This is why there is a necessity to undergo CPR training and certification once you can, to do a great service to the citizens and to this country.

Explaining CPR

CPR is the administration of compressions on the chest area of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. As one of the most commonly known medical first aid procedures, there is a lot who say that they ‘know’ how to administer CPR, but their knowledge only comes from watching films and shows. Although rudimentary knowledge is still useful, being trained by professionals is always the best option.

Types of CPR Training

There are different types of CPR training to choose from. As someone undertaking this responsible duty, you should take note of the right training program for you. Some of the most common training programs include: certification, simulation, online-only, and classroom setting, among others.


A certification program for CPR would be an intensive program that would include basic to advanced CPR practice. This can involve a brief history of CPR as well. Most of the lessons here would also require hands-on practice, to ensure that the trainee thoroughly understands and is able to apply the knowledge in real-life situations. This course is facilitated by an instructor with in-depth knowledge of CPR, so that participants may ask questions and understand the procedure and all its intricate details.


Simulation involves the use of technology, so that the participants may be able to pinpoint the right location where to administer the pressure, and simulation on how to react regarding different situations. This can be done online at home, making it a quick and easy way of learning about CPR. This can be a precursor to more in-depth CPR training.


This type of CPR training involves the use of the internet and certain applications. This is like a simulation, but in a more in-depth format, making it a better option to take if interested participants do not have the time to go to an actual CPR training facility. This can be facilitated by an instructor as well, although no physical presence is involved.


A classroom setting training would most definitely involve a facilitator leading a class. There is also hands-on training involving mannequins, and this is the most common way of getting a certificate. Incorporating information regarding CPR, knowledge about heart attacks and other forms of heart diseases, as well as knowledge on other first aid techniques, a classroom-setting training will surely give participants all the necessary information as well as hands-on training to get them ready to help in real-life situations.

By getting any of these training programs done, any individual can be of great service to others in their times of need. With the use of these training programs, you can get CPR-certified and be of help to others.