Uphold a Safe Work Environment

September 6, 2013Comments Off on Uphold a Safe Work Environment

Emergencies typically happen at hindsight. You never get a warning and everything can be quite frantic when the unexpected occurs. For an instance, one normal day at work can suddenly make a turn for the worst when one of the employees suddenly suffers a cardiac arrest. Typically, your first response is to have someone call 911 for an immediate response team to arrive and deal with the problem as soon as possible. However, you should be realistic enough that this is rarely what happens. Odds are, the supposed quick response team will take some time before they can actually arrive at the scene. The problem is that, a sudden cardiac arrest is not an emergency that can wait. In a matter of minutes, you can possibly lose the life of a valued employee if they are not administered with the right CPR first aid help immediately. Now, before this hypothetical scene becomes a reality, you better take it upon yourself to figure out a comprehensive CPR & first aid program that will secure your workplace from such incidents.

It is important to note that all of your employees should be required to have knowledge in applying even the most basic CPR first aid rescue. This makes it so that in case an emergency transpires, they would all have the goods to be of help instead of just forming a crowd of bystanders waiting for someone else to make the rescue attempt. Studies reveal that sudden cardiac arrests are mostly survived by victims thanks to an early CPR first aid or defibrillation rescue by someone in close proximity. Meanwhile, medical personnel are known to take at least 8-12 minutes before they can arrive which is not good considering the first four minutes of the attack is critical. By then, the survival rate of the victim is significantly reduced.

Apart from having the employees trained for every CPR first aid techniques, the place would also need to be setup with all the proper life-saving equipment and devices such as first aid kits and AEDs. While purchasing the first aid kits is as basic as it gets – technically you just buy the right amount that fulfills the need of your workplace – buying AEDs might be a different story. For AEDs, it is important to make sure you get the right brand and a trustworthy distributor. It is also imperative that you set the right placement for your AEDs, seeing to it that at least one is at reach at any given area of your workplace where an incident might happen. Of course, it is ideal that your employees are trained for an specific brand so that they will know full well how to use them.

In order for your CPR first aid and AED program to be truly effective, you must see to it that you hire an expert to train your people well. There are many organizations that are keen on promoting these types of program so they should not be too hard to find. Manage your CPR, first aid and AED program well and you can have a much safer work environment.