What are AEDs in Public Establishments For?

October 25, 2013Comments Off on What are AEDs in Public Establishments For?

It’s nice to know that there are now many pubic establishments that secure their own automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to be used by anyone in case of emergency. Cardiac arrest and other types of sudden, life-threatening heart conditions may occur unpredictably and even young people could be a victim. Especially in places often filled by a crowd of people, a highly accessible AED could make a significant improvement on minimizing the chances of dead-on-arrival cases whenever such medical condition attacks.

In order to make AEDs easy to notice and recognize by anyone inside a public establishment, these are ideally in a brightly colored packaging with several necessary labels highlighted. These must also be positioned with protective cases to avoid possible misuse or accidental damage resulted by mishandling of anyone who gets access to it. Still, it is advisable to install AEDs near the establishment’s entrance or anywhere more accessible and noticeable. Remember that when a situation calls for immediate use of AED, it’s never a good idea for the first respondent to take time looking for this device nearby. At the same time, medical experts suggest anyone to initiate the use of AED while the necessary medical assistance is still not available.

Meanwhile, it is also important for any person, especially those with loved ones suffering from certain heart conditions, to know a thing or two about AEDs. This life-saving computer-based medical device was essentially intended to provide the necessary amount of electric shock to be applied on the patient’s chest as a means of “restarting” his malfunctioned heart. If it is a fully automatic type, the device voluntarily takes the appropriate and precise actions once it gets done analyzing the heart rhythm of the patient, which only takes a few seconds. Various AED models may come with their own of set of steps for the operation.

There are certain safety reminders to be taken noted of, however. First is to keep in mind that AED is an electronic device and thus, it poses electric hazard in one way or another. Such electric hazard could lead to serious accidents like fire and injuries due to mechanical impacts. That is why it is also strongly suggested to use the device properly, not mentioning the importance of keeping it in excellent condition at all times. Moreover, it is suggested for people who don’t know anything about using an AED to immediately call for help, if possible, before giving a try to operate the device to save the patient’s life.

It has been said that preparation or avoidance is way much better than cure. Hence, it’s just right to equip yourself some knowledge on how to use an automated external defibrillator effectively and safely. You can take the AED Medical Oversight and AED Program Management courses at Citywide CPR where you can learn everything you need to know about proper use of AEDs. In this way, you are not only minimizing the chances of sudden loss of one of your loved ones; you also take a big leap to serve as a responsible and concerned citizen to your community. See more about AED Medical Oversight and AED Program Management at the official website of Citywide CPR.