What Comes After Cardiac Arrest

July 6, 2016Comments Off on What Comes After Cardiac Arrest

It is the best ending if a victim of sudden cardiac arrest is revived. Movies often show this fateful event as someone gasping for breath as soon as they awake. This just shows how amazing the event is for anyone involved. A person that has been performing CPR will feel success, the biggest kind, in saving the life of someone. It may be a stranger, or it can be a close friend, or family. No matter who it is, getting back the life which was almost life is an impactful event for anyone.

Treatments and Examinations

What is not seen in most dramatization is what happens after being revived. A person that has suffered cardiac arrest and was revived has a lot of things to deal with after. Some of these things can be due to the cause of cardiac arrest, some due to the event itself. When cardiac arrest occurs, it brings to light a slew of problems in the health of the patient. This is why there are a lot of treatments to undergo after cardiac arrest.

A lot of examinations is done to the patient of the body to find the underlying cause of the arrest. It can be due to family history, diabetes, hypertension, or anything within the spectrum of sudden cardiac arrest causes. After examinations, most underlying causes can be found. Treatments for these causes will begin to prevent further instances of sudden cardiac arrest.

Physical Injury

During a cardiac arrest, there are a lot of accidents that can occur. It all depends on the location of the arrest. There are many instances of cardiac arrest while driving, while in an incline, or somewhere isolated. Accidents may occur in these locations as well as the initial fall after losing consciousness as a result of sudden cardiac arrest. This may require additional treatments and therapy after being revived.

During cardiopulmonary resuscitation, there may be too much intensity that ribs can fracture due to the pressure and force being exerted towards pumping. Although this is normal and easily treatable, it is still an injury to take note of. Even trained and certified people to perform CPR can break ribs, but what are a few broken ribs in exchange for the life of a person?

Mental Impact

Surviving from cardiac arrest is a great ordeal to overcome, and it may leave lasting impressions on victims. This is why after sudden cardiac arrest occurs, visiting the shrink can be a common thing for the patient to do. No matter how strong the mentality of a person may be, life and death situations activate primal fear, and as sudden cardiac arrest allows neither fight nor flight, it affects the mentality of most people immensely.

Getting support from loved ones can help in dealing with all the effects of surviving sudden cardiac arrest, and no matter how cliché it may be, keeping the person feeling loved and happy is the best way to support them in these trying times after recovering from sudden cardiac arrest.