What You Need to Know When Buying AED

April 7, 2014Comments Off on What You Need to Know When Buying AED

An ordinary person without a CPR training might find it hard to be of assistance should someone within his or her immediate vicinity suffer from cardiac arrest. It is because of this that scientists, researchers, and medical professionals have come up with the idea of the Automated External Defibrillator, or what most people know as the AED, a portable device designed to help people who are suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

As what most people know, Sudden Cardiac Arrest is one of the leading causes of death in most countries around the world. While it does not typically present any symptom before its onset, there have been cases of patients complaining of fatigue, chest pains, and fainting. In a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, what happens is the heart is unable to contract normally causing insufficient blood to flow to major body organs. Without the needed oxygen from the blood, the tissues begin to deteriorate causing tissue necrosis. Because of the suddenness, as the name implies, of this condition, as well as the gravity, it is important that the heart’s normal beating pattern be restored as soon as possible. This is where the AED comes in handy.

An AED has the ability to help restore the heart to its normal beating pattern with the use of electric shocks. Basically, all AEDs have the same features – voice prompt, accessories, While most AEDs have the same basic functions, there are still a number of things you need to keep in mind when it comes to buying one. For one, you need to make sure that the AED you would be purchasing is FDA approved. It is also recommended that you go for newer models as they tend to be more user friendly than earlier designs. Keep in mind that earlier designs were primarily meant for first responders while latter designs already have the general public in mind.

If you do not foresee yourself having to attend to grave situations, you can opt to skip on AEDs with escalating power designs. However, if you feel you are in a high-risk area, you might want to get a unit that allows for such. There is no need to worry about an AED damaging the victim’s heart as all AEDs do not have that high a power that could result to damage to the heart.

It is also a good idea to ensure that the AED you would be purchasing has a warranty. You have to remember that, when it comes to AEDs, most warranties last anywhere between 5 to 10 years. In some cases, you can also avail of additional warranty for the battery as well as for the accessories that comes with your unit.

To be sure that you know how to make use of your AED or what else you need to purchase in connection with it, get in touch with companies that offer AED oversight services. Companies like Citywide CPR might be able to help you when it comes to AED management. Aside from guiding you when it comes to which model to purchase, these companies can also help train you and the people around you on how to make the most of your unit.