Why ABC Was Changed to CAB?

June 11, 2012Comments Off on Why ABC Was Changed to CAB?

Until 2010, the performance of the emergency medical procedure cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR was done in A-B-C. This stands for Airway, Breathing, and Circulation.

Airway is done to look for the chest movement, listen the sound of breathing, and feel the breath on the cheek. In doing these things, a bystander or a rescuer would know if a person is breathing or not. If the individual is not breathing, opening the airway could result for a person to finally start breathing. If the victim still did not start breathing, performing letter B is now necessary. Rescue breathing is best done through the technique called mouth-to-mouth. In doing a mouth-to-mouth, two full breaths must be provided. When this one still doesn’t work, it is now time to work on the circulation. This one is done through an external chest compression wherein this procedure would force the heart to pump blood, which is vital in the breathing of a person. This procedure requires proper positioning of the hands and also the correct rate of compressions.

This A-B-C, though, got ditched for a much simpler procedure. The American Heart Association, a national organization that deals with emergency medical procedures such as CPR, released a guideline that would change a bit the procedure that people have come to known for. AHA switched the letters and made it C-A-B mainly because they wanted the simplest step first. This new guideline is saying those rescuers, whether medical personnel or just bystanders, need to start with hard and fast chest compressions before the mouth-to-mouth.


The switched in the procedures is also aimed to increase the survival rate of those who suffered from sudden cardiac arrest. This goal can be achieved since untrained bystanders can just perform chest compressions until the right people arrive, most likely paramedics. Chest compression should also do hands-only CPR until an automated external defibrillator is used.

Though hands-only CPR is not that complicated of a procedure, a proper CPR training is still needed by an individual. Through CPR training, a person would be able to know the basic techniques in the performance of it as well as the correct ways in doing it. It is quite vital for a person to know these things since he can act fast whenever a situation involving a sudden cardiac arrest happens on his sight. Doing the right measures in these kinds of situation is very essential considering the fact that any minute wasted could lower the survival rate of a person. Much more, trainings can help avoid any kinds of mistakes in doing the procedure since one wrong move could cost the life of a person.

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