Why AEDs are Vital to Have in Your Workplace

June 13, 2013Comments Off on Why AEDs are Vital to Have in Your Workplace

Sudden Cardiac Arrest, or simply SCA is a serious matter as it has reportedly been the cause of death of more than 350,000 people in the US. It is definitely worrisome that these so called SCAs are generally common and can be inflicted upon anyone of any age. Administering CPR and defibrillation are two of the effective ways to counter such an incident though there is very limited time allotted before it ultimately proves useless. For these reasons, it is important to have an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) ready in one area. Better yet, an appropriate program for it should be readily set should an SCA happen.

These days, the need for an AED program is not unheard of by most people. As the discovery of various health issues are brought to light, so are the adequate aids for them. For SCAs which are becoming more and more common for people due to a lack of maintaining healthy habits, there is the solution of installing an AED program  in public places, work areas and even residential places. The life-saving implement is not only simply demanded by people, but it is even actually required by law at most places.  They come with the benefit of security, whereas for a public establishment, the execution of such a program, not only makes the customers feel safe but also the employees.

In the United states, training for the proper use of AEDs and suitable implementation of an AED program is a widespread trend that is sought out by many establishment owners who want their place to be more guaranteed of minor health risks. Though the provision of CPR during an SCA emergency is also an appropriate action to take, this only gives up to 5% guarantee that the person will survive the attack. On the contrary, using an AED after administering CPR will give an increased survival rate of up to 75%. This clearly shows how relevant it is to have an AED program in one place. This program not only entails the purchase of an AED device, but also the designation of a trained individual who can handle an SCA situation.

Given what impact it makes on the survival probability of SCA victims, the ideals of corporate social responsibility has seen a significant change, as well as the business practices that are involved therein. The standards of care has been updated with the addition of AED program training during the continuous search for the ways to cope with the needs of both clients and employees. This has been put at such a high priority that disregarding the installation of an AED in a business establishment has become a possible ground for negligence in several areas. There are even states that required facilities such as schools to be AED ready. It should also be noted that having an on-site AED in your place can decrease liability and insurance premiums if you happen to own a company, given that you have the sufficed amount of AED for the size of your work area.