Why Invest in an AED

July 12, 2016Comments Off on Why Invest in an AED

An automatic external defibrillator has become one of the most common items to be seen in most hospitals, medical facilities, and public places. And it is there for good reason! An automatic external defibrillator, or an AED, is a device that can help deal with certain types of cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrests occur when there is a scramble with the electric signals being sent out by the heart. This in turn gets the heart pumping irregularly and eventually stops. There are two types of cardiac arrests – shockable and non-shockable. Shockable cardiac arrests are once that stop the heart best because the electric signals disappear as well. Non-shockable cardiac arrests mean that defibrillation will not help at all. An AED is able to determine I the cardiac arrest happening is shockable or non-shockable as it can detect electric signals in the heart. Upon detecting the lack of electric signals, a shock is delivered, which hopefully restarts the heart.

There are a lot of private establishments that still do not carry an AED. Although there are regulations in all states regarding the ownership of an AED especially for establishments, it is not mandated, but merely encouraged. This is why people tend to cut costs and not purchase an AED at all. An AED is a worthy investment.

For those thinking that not buying an AED is saving them money, then think again.  The American Red Cross estimates upwards of 1.3 million dollars’ worth of direct and indirect costs. This just shows that an AED is much more affordable, and with the risk for sudden cardiac arrest in this country increasing, it is safe to assume that an AED will be of great help anytime.

As said before, sudden cardiac arrest has increased and has become the leading cause of death in the country. These arrests can happen anywhere: at home, school, or within any establishment. This is why having an AED within yours is a good safety precaution.

An AED is a good way of supplementing the waiting period before paramedics arrive. Having first aid ready can increase the leeway for the paramedics and emergency life support services before arrival. With only ten minutes as the period where the body can be revived, every possible way of increasing this time is much welcomed.

When establishment owners think that they will never even need an AED, that is a huge mistake. Out of all the establishments that have bought an AED, a third has used it out of necessity – saving the life of an individual.

With these reasons, there is no question about the importance of an AED within an establishment. By investing in an AED and learning how to use it properly, as well as implementing other first aid programs, it can create a safe environment for those susceptible to sudden cardiac arrest. A combined effort to do so can create a great environment for those that may be experiencing this problem is the duty of everyone, so go ahead and invest in a proper AED and first aid training.