Why Making Your AED Programs Effective and State Compliant is Important?

February 24, 2012Comments Off on Why Making Your AED Programs Effective and State Compliant is Important?

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) is a common sight in workplaces and public facilities across United States. Organizations like Occupational Safety and Health Administration, American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and countless medical research studies have relentlessly endorsed the use and access of the portable electric device that the equipment has become universal. The advocacy is such a successful attempt as most government agencies and private companies have all considered acquiring AEDs. It is considered to be a big leap in addressing and treating heart attacks. Deployment and proliferation of the machine, however, has proved to be insufficient in addressing the condition.

Ralph Polanec, a local hotel executive in Northwest D.C., died last June 25 after the batteries of the gym’s defibrillator failed to function properly. Staff members are AED-trained, defibrillators are placed in an accessible area, and rescue procedure has been given instantly, yet what could have gone wrong? Recent researches have found out that more than 1,000 deaths are attributed to AED failures and the toll is rising tremendously each year. A quarter of these death are caused by battery malfunction, the remaining cases were due to pads and wiring failures. These stirred a controversy on whether there is proper AED medical oversight and if AED owners have gone through AED program management. Local governments have then issued state orders and amended provisions on existing AED laws and have placed more stringent requirements on AED owners to properly address and solve the incidents.

Since then, owning an AED have never been easier. People have started to be burdened by the requirements as it could mean consuming sizeable time, too much effort and a considerable amount of cash. There is a number of CPR and AED training providers that are offering superior AED program management solutions and AED medical oversight direction aimed at giving all the information and implementation needed to make AED programs in compliance with the law, and are offered at reasonable price. Citywide CPR Inc. is one of the AED solution providers that are known to be expert in this field.

Citywide CPR is a national training site that offers quality solutions such as trainings for CPR, BLS, ACLS, PALS, as well as AED products, services, and customized programs. They also offer AED trainings for a more successful SCA rescue operations in the future. The company’s AED program management with AED medical oversight includes web-based tracking system to check a person or a company’s AEDs. The system also includes email reminders to ensure AEDs certifications have already been reaccredited before they expire. Licensed physicians will be the one to provide and administer the AED certification program.

Citywide CPR have AED programs that guarantees compliance to all federal, state, and local laws so potential lawsuits are avoided. They also regularly monitor legislations regarding AED usage to continue adherence to the law and assurance to clients.

One just needs to remember that choosing the proper service providers are the key to a more certain, efficient, and feasible AED usage and rescue operations. Proper decisions like this can actually save lives.

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