Why You Need to Learn CPR

October 19, 2015Comments Off on Why You Need to Learn CPR

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR is hard to perform but easy to get certified nowadays. CPR certification is now possible with the Internet. Technology made learning and getting certified quickly. You do not need to go to the field and get your hands dirty and your heart shaking every time you encounter something similar.

CPR should be on the top of your list of skills to be learned. It deserves first place because you are dealing with another person’s life. It’s not like money that you can earn when you lose it, or hair that you lose when you get a trim or shave. This is a person’s life that can never be retrieved once lost.

Easy to claim

Aside from getting certified online is a breeze, you can learn CPR through videos and virtual instructors. This is the most convenient way of learning the skill. Although you can argue that the skill is better learned through direct physical contact with your instructor, and there’s a million other ways that can happen during hands-on training which can yield more experiences, digital learning is the new trend.

Being CPR-ready starts with learning the basics, attending classes, and reading about resuscitation in general. Baby steps should be taken because it is difficult to do something without a strong base. It should be reinforced each time, supplementing it with information every now and then. CPR certification becomes easier when those granting you the title know that you are skilled enough.

Making a living out of saving a life

Once you get certified, you can use your skills to earn. After receiving CPR certification, you can teach students the basics of the skill. As the level of difficulty goes up, the price of your services increases too. Many people want to learn the skill but lack the source of information to continue.

CPR training is fun because you can teach them your brand of learning. You can implement anything in your training sessions, but focus on the basics and give light to advanced techniques. Emulate the good things and reject the inconsistent ones.

You can also start a business that produces and helps with AED’s and CPR. AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator, a device used to jumpstart the heart that ceased pumping blood. It can also check the beat and rhythm of the heart, as well as show current vitals of a person. You can maintain or supply equipment to people or to an area. It is better to be certified to improve your reputation.

Are you up to the task?

The field is the ultimate game-changer, regardless if you got your certification online or face-to-face. What matters is will you be ready to deal with anything? If someone goes down, will you be ready to face your patient and not look distressed as ever?

Being up to any task should be your middle name. You must be able to give meaning to people around you and your patient. You must resemble hope and stand by your patient when giving them immediate medical attention. You must make your CPR certification mean something.