Aspiring Young Firefighter Saves a Dying Woman through CPR

July 6, 2012Comments Off on Aspiring Young Firefighter Saves a Dying Woman through CPR

Once again, the knowledge about conducting proper CPR has proven that anyone can save lives. A young 20-year old Tyler Davis local from West Carrollton, Ohio did not hesitate in saving a woman’s life that fateful day at a McDonald’s where he was passing by.

According to the young hero, he only did what was right to do. When he saw a group of people circulating a woman, he immediately attended to her and felt her pulse. Upon finding out that the woman is not breathing, he immediately gave her CPR while paramedics are on their way. According to Davis, what he does was nothing heroic but simply one of the lessons that he learned from his EMT and CPR class that he was taking in hopes of becoming a firefighter soon. He said that his adrenaline kicked and without thinking, immediately pumped the woman’s chest until her air passageway is cleared.

Upon the paramedics’ arrival, they immediately revived her saying that if it wasn’t for Tyler Davis’ CPR, she would have had lost her life right there and then since the paramedics took time before arriving. Davis was also commended by Captain Andy Shepherd, the head of the West Carrollton Department and said that not all twenty year olds would go out of their way to save a woman he doesn’t know.

Also, Davis’ family was so proud of the bravery and humility that young Tyler has showcased. Now a local town hero, Tyler is shrugging off the compliments and describes what he did as just a result of adrenaline rush and trying to do what was right. He also said that he has his CPR training to thank for. If it wasn’t for his knowledge in conducting CPR, he would more likely be just one of the people surrounding the woman’s body as she dies on the street.

This story is a very inspiring and eye-opening tale of how important is the presence of people who knows CPR as well as the training for this. What if there was no one around who knows CPR? What if all the people just stared blindly at the woman as she fights for her life? This again leads to the government’s campaign of encouraging medical professionals and non-professionals to take CPR classes to guarantee the presence of someone who knows CPR when there is a person who needs it.


Not all people who are experiencing heart attack are located near a hospital and there will be cases where only a person who knows CPR can help. With that, everyone is encouraged to take CPR classes from Citywide CPR, the government’s partner in offering first aid lessons to medical professionals and civilians.

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