Carrying AEDs on the Road

January 18, 2016Comments Off on Carrying AEDs on the Road

Automatic external defibrillators are portable versions of the defibrillator. Defibrillators are known to be necessary equipment when it comes to saving victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Now, people can get this medical technology on the road with them anywhere they go. This means that anyone can have the capacity of learning and utilizing the automatic external defibrillator anywhere they go.

Having an AED can be your civic duty. Carrying one is much like carrying a fire extinguisher every time you are on the road. With heart attacks as one of the leading causes of death in the country, carrying an AED with you may just as well save lives. The best part about having an AED is the ease of use that it features, making it an equipment that even first time users can easily manage.

The automatic external defibrillator works by sending a shock to the chest area of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. The shock is supposed to return the regular beating of the heart, from erratic or stopped status. After the shock, CPR should be administered as well, to keep the blood pumping throughout the body, the brain, and the heart muscles. This way, the body is kept alive, so that when the advanced life support rolls in, there is a much higher chance that the victim will be revived.

If you have an AED and you are susceptible to heart diseases, then you can have it with you all the time. If the most unfortunate event of you suffering a sudden cardiac arrest happens, you can simply point to the AED for someone to administer a shock to you. The same can be said if you are the one witnessing the cardiac arrest. By being level-headed and able to

Truckers can benefit from getting an AED, as the lifestyle of trucking exposes them to more causes of heart attack, such as extreme fatigue, heat, and the lack of exercise and healthy meals. With an AED on board, the chance of revival for cardiac arrests becomes higher and more likely to happen. With proper coordination with advanced life support teams, deaths from heart attacks can definitely decrease.

There are different models of automatic external defibrillators to choose from. As a purchaser, you have to find the right one for your need. An AED is called as such because it is automatic and external. Automatic because it can easily adjust to the need, such as the amount of energy to output depending on the vital signs of the victim. There are also some of these models which have very specific instructions regarding the type of victim, and the circumstances regarding the heart attack. This means that for those that are not too familiar with using a defibrillator, it is a big help to find one with support and an easy to understand manual, because during times when quick action is necessary, reading a convoluted manual can decrease the chances of survival. Find out which model is right for travelling, and for your experience level when it comes to first aid, and your all set to use your AED in case of emergency.