Considerations in Handling an AED System

April 17, 2013Comments Off on Considerations in Handling an AED System

When emergency strikes at the most unimaginable moments, one’s best defense is a sense of preparedness and control over where the situation would end up. This is where lifesaving countermeasures such as programs for AED is best implemented. AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator, which is a sophisticated medical device that functions as a means of analyzing a person’s heart rhythm. It informs a rescuer what procedure the victim, who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, requires. Given that there is a person in the area who has had training on how to use the machine, the risk of the victim’s death is decreased significantly.

There are several procedures to take in order to establish a proper AED program. On the internet, everyday there are people searching for these steps in order to get their own program going. Despite this fact, however, it seems that most of them are oblivious to the more important details that need to be learnt when executing an AED program. They tend to disregard the important factors that determine whether a rescue operation ends in success or failure. What one needs to do is a thorough scrutiny of the product as well as its distributors. Here are some of the important factors to consider.

First of all, there should be an appropriate meeting with the distributors in order to tell which product is the best out of all that is available. The AED program manager at one’s workplace should take responsibility for drafting out the most important questions firsthand. A few examples of the questions are about the initial cost of the device, the cost for a replacement, the cost of upgrading and a lot more. In order to find out the most crucial information to take, there must be an extensive research about the use of the device.

One might think than an AED program is all set with the presence of an AED. However, AED devices greatly differ aside from the fact that they all deliver a shock therapy. In choosing a device, it is fairly easy to make notable differences between the different products. The aspects in which they will vary are the design, color, durability, level of support and cost. In the end though, regardless, of the look, the price and everything else, what is important is to make sure that it can effectively serve for a sudden cardiac arrest.

There is no doubt that encountering a sudden cardiac arrest is something that people want to avoid, even for those who have already trained for the situation. Obviously, the experience garnered during the training sessions will never match the pressure and the adrenaline during an actual emergency. As it involves another person’s life, it might be a hard decision whether or not one should get involved. There is the benefit, though, of saving another person’s life if it is done right. So, when everything is said and done, one should definitely implement an AED program. With it, the establishment and its people will be more confident that they can attend to such incidents prepared.