AED Program Management

A Complete Solution

Whether you’re a small company or large corporation, we have the tools to properly monitor your AED Program, keeping you compliant and reducing your exposure to liability. Our AED Program Management is an absolute solution for organizations with one, or multiple AEDs and Emergency Response Teams spread out amongst various locations across the country. Citywide CPR offers you a complete solution for AED Program Management. There is no software needed and no installation required. Your entire AED Program is managed easily online, with a safe, secure and user-friendly web-based monitoring system.

Web-Based Tracking System

Our easy to manage, web-based monitoring system provides you with up-to-date, real time status of all your AEDs, tracking routine, monthly inspections and keeping you informed of any expiration of Pads and Batteries. In addition, the system will track and manage the training status of your responders, in addition to any changes to regulations that might require changes in your program. Overall, the application ensures proper accountability and guarantees total compliance.

Getting your organization into the system happens quickly and easily, within the same business day of your agreement. Once your organization is entered, users have the ability to add and edit any data, view important AED information, such as serial numbers, site coordinators, expiration of Pads, Batteries or Responders. Users can generate reports and completely manage an entire AED Program online.

Ongoing Support as your organization changes

Citywide CPR will ensure consistent, professional and continuous support for the life of your program. As your organization expands, we will modify your program to meet those needs.


Monitor every aspect of your Program

No software needed! No installation required!
Your entire AED Program is managed entirely on the Internet.
Safe, secure and the most user-friendly online monitoring system around.


Our AED Program Management offers services that make your program complete and compliant.
• The Monitoring of Expirations of the AED’s Pads and Batteries
• The Monitoring of Expirations of Responders’ CPR/AED Certifications
• Monthly Records of AED Maintenance Results
• Informational Reports generated anytime as needed
• Notes and Reminders to add and review

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