CPR and AED Certification: Course Types and Benefits

May 6, 2016Comments Off on CPR and AED Certification: Course Types and Benefits

Getting cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automatic external defibrillator certification can be a great help in emergencies. There are different types of certification depending on the type of procedure you would want to know. There are also different types of learning methods, from online courses, video-based courses, and instructor-led courses.

Types of CPR and AED Certification Courses

Online Courses

Online courses are vastly different from merely reading something online. Online courses offer in-depth analyses and data from the experts in CPR, as compared to just reading about CPR. After finishing the online course, you will receive a certificate that signifies your success. This signifies that you are now ready to serve in case of emergencies in CPR and AED. The biggest difference lies in the certification, as if you only read about CPR and not undergo proper course learning, then there is a big gap in knowledge and reliability.

Video-Based Courses

Video-based courses can be done online or in a facility as well. Online video courses are very convenient for those that would still want knowledge on CPR and AED utilization without needing to go to a facility. Going to a facility, however, would be more beneficial if you would want hands-on training.

Instructor-Led Courses

Another benefit of going to a facility for training in the utilization of CPR and AED techniques is the instructor-led course. This course has an instructor which would guide you through the motions, and allows for questions and in-depth explanations. Additionally, the instructors that lead trainings are those that are experts in the field of using CPR or AED in times of necessity.

Benefits of CPR and AED Certification

Getting a CPR and AED certification will prove your usefulness in times of trouble. Additionally, the acquisition of this certification can open up new opportunities and training such as first aid courses, wilderness survival, and more. Knowledge of CPR and AED is necessary to increase survival in the wild, so for those who would want to pursue outdoor activities and be able to handle the wild.

CPR and AED Certification for Outdoors and Sports Training

These certifications can also be used by aspiring scouts and coaches. So if an individual is interested in these industries and would like certification to back up their skills, then getting CPR and AED certification is important first. Not only will it look good in your resume, it is also a great skill that can help during important operations. In coaching, CPR can be applied for checking for consciousness and recognizing if another individual is experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Finally, there is the military, and although they would still be training you if you enter, having prior knowledge in different revival techniques would be a big help.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in one of these industries, then consider getting CPR and AED certification. With this, you can have the skills necessary to be a good coach, scout, or part of the military, as well as get the opportunity to attend other trainings and enhance other skills.