Handling the Heat Wave

September 25, 2015Comments Off on Handling the Heat Wave

Heat waves claim the most lives of all the natural disasters because the sudden spike in temperature can do some serious damage to a person, especially if they are unhealthy or have a weak heart.  In 2015 alone, India and Pakistan were hit, killing more than 4,500 people combined.

An article published by the Washington Post last June revealed “two-thirds of adults are at an unhealthy weight”. “75 percent of men and 67 percent of women ages 25 and older are now overweight and obese”.

Add that thought to the multitude of accidents that can occur to people and you’ve got a recipe for disaster, especially with CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. The technique is a wonderful skill that can bring back people to consciousness after losing a heartbeat.

The abstract entitled The Effects of Obesity on CPR Quality and Survival after Cardiac Arrest by scientists Edelson, Abella, Kim, Hoek, Becker from the University of Chicago Hospitals and University of Pennsylvania concluded morbid obesity an amplifier in the worst revival sessions. It has something to do with the quality of chest compressions received as compared to smaller patients, mainly due to the size of the patient.

CPR Training will teach you what to do when certain situations like that arise. What it takes to fix a problem related to reviving someone using your bare hands and mind.

The instructors will teach you the following steps, tried and tested moves that shall make you an effective weapon in rescue missions.

The most comprehensive way of doing it would be in this sequence: (1) opening the airway, (2) chest compressions not less than 30 times but not over 100, depending on the literacy of the performer, (3) breathe twice in the mouth of the patient, (4) repeat the third step, (5) repeat fifth step, and (6) rinse and repeat.

Having CPR Training with your friends is probably the best way of learning the skill, since not all people have been urged to perform the skill. Most people only see it in movie scenes so it would be cool to live and reenact what is usually portrayed on the TV.

Not only do you spend time with people you love, you get to spend it more with them. Undergoing CPR Training is a lot of fun, but applying it makes all the difference because if you manage to pull it off without any problems, the one you revived will most likely thank you for what you’ve done for him/her.

But if you don’t succeed in your attempts, it is okay since you can always call for help. Do not do things you know you could not do because every second is precious and rescue is of the optimum importance.

The call would make a huge impact. Even though medical personnel are trained under pressure, tell them initial information about the patient to help them paint a bigger picture.

Those things will be part of CPR training, particularly street smart and how to deal with stresses.