Importance of AED in Schools, Sporting Venues

May 25, 2012Comments Off on Importance of AED in Schools, Sporting Venues

One of the best ways to develop the personality of a young individual is to have him try sports, especially those team sports. When a kid is playing a sport, he would definitely develop teamwork, camaraderie, respect, confidence, trust, and so on. In other words, there are a lot of benefits of sports. There are times though when accidents happen, the ones that could potentially end the life of a kid. This is where the knowledge about emergency medical procedures kicks in. If one person inside the sporting venue knows what to do after a particular incident happens, then the kid would be saved from near-death situation.

Tyler Symes, 15, was playing hockey when he got hit by a puck which almost cost his life. Luckily, he was saved by a portable device that brought back the normal beating of his heart. That device is known as the automated external defibrillator or AED. This portable electronic device makes use of electrical therapy to stop the existence of arrhythmia. Without arrhythmia, the heart would be able to reestablish an effective rhythm, thus giving a person a chance to live.

In the incident that Symes was part of, the hockey puck hit his chest at the precise fraction of a second between heartbeats. This caused Symes to suffer a condition called commotion cordis which could eventually lead to cardiac arrest. In this kind of situation, every second counts that’s why the use of AED is important. Majority of the injuries, like what Symes had, were fatal.

AEDs must be placed in locations where most of the people are located, such as schools and during sporting events. At least 12 states in the United States already laws in place regarding AEDs in schools. Five states, on the other hand, have pending legislations that requires educational institutions to have this portable device. There are 34 states, though, which have no laws requiring AEDs in sporting events or not even considering it.

Placement of AEDs in those places is very important especially with these young individuals being in great risk every time. When the AEDs are already in place, it is important that this device is properly taken care of through an AED program management. To help in this kind of situation, the establishment with AED must employ an AED medical oversight to assist in the correct handling of the device.

A good provider of AED program management must offer a complete solution, meaning they have the tools in proper monitoring of the program. One example of the tools is a web-based tracking system, which helps in up-to-date monitoring of the program. Moreover, the AED medical oversight should help in the total compliance with the law, meaning a program follows all federal, state and local legislation regarding this device.

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