Learn the Skill, Save a Life

November 4, 2015Comments Off on Learn the Skill, Save a Life

Everyone should know how to revive a person using Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR, no matter what the methodology used. It is a perennial skill people must know because it can save lives, especially people who have a weak heart and are prone to collapsing because of it.

If you want to do practice and learn CPR using a manikin, go for it. Hands-on is a great way of applying the technique because even though the target is usually a manikin, the scenario puts the student in the shoes of a reviver. This method will teach all the basics, such as the number of compressions and the positioning of the student’s hands.

For more advanced classes, a machine known as the defibrillator will be used. People are commonly given access to Automated External Defibrillators or AED’s, a simple machine that checks a person’s heart vitals, along with other metrics required in carrying out resuscitation well.

An AED is an important device because the defibrillator is important to checking and reviving someone accurately. This machine helps CPR practitioners do their work easier because each machine can produce an electrical shock that jolts a stalled heart. This device is needed because most Sudden Cardiac Arrest or SCA deaths are caused by the absence of the said device.

This machine is mostly combined with traditional methods. Chest compressions can be mixed with the kiss of life or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. If no signs of life emerge even after CPR is applied, a defibrillator is required. Patients afflicted with SCA have a life expectancy of ten minutes so the faster the response, the better.

If enrolling in classes for CPR is not you cup of tea, you can always learn it virtually. The only downside this has is you are not exposed fully to the situation. It’s either you watch a video of an instructor doing it, or scroll through web pages looking for tips and techniques with CPR.

This is good if you want a convenient way of reviving people who may have nearly drowned in a pool or collapsed due to a heat stroke. The body can only take so much, so it is imperative for you to learn the skill to help people return back to consciousness.

It is also a great way of getting certified as a CPR practitioner. This is easy nowadays because you can take it online. Depending on the agreement and work practice of your online instructor, certification usually involves examinations and tests. They would check whether you understood what you learned and apply what you have been taught.

A study conducted by researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine reveals CPR education can be learned via video. It is effective for those who want to learn the skill because of the lack of access to related programs. It also showed how the skill can be easily grasped with just viewing how it’s done.

With the Red Cross pegging SCA deaths of people to 350,000 per year, it makes learning revival important. The technologies we have today can bring people to a greater understanding of CPR.