Providing Medical Assistance through the Use of Electricity

March 22, 2013Comments Off on Providing Medical Assistance through the Use of Electricity

Electrical systems are routinely found in all types of structures and buildings. The electrical system allows items such as the computer and the television to work through their allotment of an electrical current that subsequently travels through wires and outlets. It is a very complex system, but at its core, it simply highlights the importance of electricity in the everyday setting. While most people only associate electricity with the lights they find in their homes, the reality is that even the human body is itself in possession of an electrical order, and just like the ones found in buildings, it too can malfunction bringing up the need for devices such as the AED.

The electrical system that the AED helps is the one possessed by the heart. This electrical system is the one responsible for actually dictating the rate and rhythm of the heartbeat. Understandably, if anything starts to go wrong with that system that also translates directly to problems starting to pop up with the heart. Simply put, if anything starts to go wrong with the electrical system of the heart that could very well result in the individual suffering from a cardiac arrest. The rhythm of the heart needs to be monitored very closely and that is where the first function of the AED is very important. It diagnoses the type of heart rhythm that is found in the individual, and if there is any irregularity with it, then that individual can address the issue immediately. The diagnosis could very well end up saving someone from having to deal with the pain of a cardiac arrest.

Unfortunately, even the diagnostic function of the AED is useless when someone is actually in the middle of a heart attack, but that opens the door for the device’s second function. Since the heart does have an electrical system, one of the things that may also repair that system is an outside current. The device can provide an external current strong enough to restore the heart back to its proper working order. The electrical jolt provided by this device can be the only difference between someone surviving long enough to make it to hospital or that same individual dying right on the spot. The electrical shock can work for a heart that is beating too fast or too slow. These functions are very helpful but they would not be as useful without the innate qualities of the automated external defibrillator.

The AED has been designed to be portable, and that means that it can be used in a variety of locations. These devices are battery-operated so they will not need the presence of an outlet to work. They are also outfitted with the ability to provide prompts for their users. These prompts serve as guides that walk an individual through the process of operating it. This quality allows the device to be used by anyone in any type of venue, and that is particularly important since heart attacks have always been unpredictable.

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