Simple, Important Steps for a Healthier Heart

November 11, 2013Comments Off on Simple, Important Steps for a Healthier Heart

Because sudden cardiac arrest is considered the leading killer disease in the world, people should be aware enough on how to avoid it or at least, to delay and lessen its effects. Bear in mind that it’s always better to take preventive measures than to desperately look for solution once the problem has started to take place. Thus, here are some of the simple, yet significant preventive actions against sudden cardiac arrest and other similar life-threatening heart conditions:

  • Manage Your Cholesterol Intake – It is advised to maintain at least level 40 of LDL or “good cholesterol” and less than level 160 of HDL or “bad cholesterol”. Make a thorough research or consult your doctor on the most appropriate sources of LDL to take as well as on the list of foods to turn away from. Choose wisely the food items to be included in each of your meals.
  • Control High Blood Pressure and Diabetes – These two medical conditions are likely to result a heart disease. High blood pressure or hypertension could be avoided by cutting off your intake of fatty and oily foods, while diabetes is basically prevented by lessening the amount of sugar taken inside of the body. It is also important to keep track of your body’s vital signs so you can be aware on how possible you would suffer from these health conditions.
  • Stop Smoking – It should be noted that the tendency for smokers to experience heart attack is double compared to a nonsmoker. The recent clinical studies have also shown that a smoker has high chances of losing his life the moment he undergoes the said heart disease.
  • Get Active But Stress-Free – Living with a sedentary lifestyle is a significant factor that leads to a heart disease. You have to keep on moving so that your heart maintains normal and healthy pumping of blood to and from different organs of the body. There’s no need to strive for extensive weightlifting and other intense workouts; simple body part movements will do. In addition, try to stay away from stressful environment and get rid of thoughts that stress you out.
  • Take Enough Rest and Sleep – As long as you take regular exercises and you don’t live a sedentary life, it is best to maintain adequate amount of rest and sleep every day. Prolonged lack of sleep has been found out as a significant factor that triggers several types of heart disease. By sleeping and taking rest, you also refresh the operation of your heart so that any abnormal activity in the heart’s rhythm will be avoided.
  • Stay Hydrated – It is very important to make sure that your body always has an adequate supply of water inside. Especially during workouts where you give off water in the form of perspiration, you have to drink as much water and as often as possible to replenish the released ions from your body.

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