Simple Yet Dependable

September 11, 2015Comments Off on Simple Yet Dependable

A simple CPR can change the life of a person. But what actually happens during the performance of a CPR? Studies show that a person has seven minutes left of brain activity before their inevitable death, in this seven minutes, their lives are being shown to them in a form of dream. During CPR, one could ask then what is currently happening in the mind of the victim, would it be possible for them to be also experiencing the dream about their lives? This we cannot know for there is no string evidence about the dream state for the dying person. One thing is for certain though, many people that has gone through cardiac arrest and such, can very well may be dead now if it wasn’t for the quick response and the effectiveness of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation done by the respondents.

During emergencies, many individuals would be overwhelmed by the current situation thus making them unable to respond well and save the life of the victim. Those who were able to respond quickly and efficiently can save the lives of the victim however and there has been many stories about the successful respondents and the victims owing their lives to the heroics of the respondents. The stories differ from each other and there are even heart-warming ones where the person saved was the one the respondent will spend the rest of their lives with. Stories such as these are very rare but at the same time, very romantic. Just thinking about it is quite romantic, being the one to save the life of your love one is quite the feat and also a very proud moment for the respondent.

One story is the story of two lovers that fell from the waterfall and miraculously survive thanks to the heroics of the man who is an excellent swimmer and also very good at conducting the said lifesaving technique. Not only did he saved the life of his love one, he also gave her, her first kiss. Though many would like to learn this technique solely for the reason that they might be able to kiss the victim in their lips and nothing else, it is still useful for one to at least knew the basics if this very useful technique that can be used in emergency situations and save the life of their love ones and even respond to the need of a stranger.

The satisfaction felt after saving one’s life is quite something. Only a few knew about this and it is without a doubt that they have felt very good about themselves with this achievement that they were able to accomplish with the help of a very simple technique such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation. They have felt good about themselves and happy for the family and love ones of the ones they were able to save. It is due to the fact that, they know in their hearts that after their heroic efforts, a family will be able to spend their day happy and it is all thanks to them.