Teaching Kids CPR with the Help of Training Videos

August 7, 2012Comments Off on Teaching Kids CPR with the Help of Training Videos

Heart attacks, or cardiac arrest, can happen anytime. One moment you are enjoying a nice meal, the next, you are having a hard time breathing. For most people, recognizing the signs of a heart attack can be easy. For some, however, hear attacks can come sneaking in that they have very little time to alert those around them. What happens if that person, unfortunately, only has his middle school children around?

There is no such thing as being too early when it comes to teaching your child the basics of how to do a CPR and how to act during emergency cases. And now, with the help of medical students from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, middle school children would be able to know what to do in cases of emergency.

The six-minute video presents the students with plausible scenarios that could happen to an adult around them. The videos also show the students how a CPR is performed as well as how to use an AED should a person suffer a heart attack.

According to recent surveys and studies, almost 400,000 Americans suffer from cardiac arrest while they are outside of a medical facility each year. In most cases, they are at home and are around their family, especially children, when that happens.

That being the case, it is only right that even children as young as 12 be taught what to do when they encounter someone having a heart attack. This was the same reason why Dr. Amer Aldeen, the assistant professor for emergency medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, said yes to overseeing the video project and co-founding CCARES. CCARES stands for Chicago Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Education Service.

Aside from the video, medical students from the said institution would be conducting visits to Chicago-based schools in order to answer any questions the students might have about CPR once they have seen the video.

This video is free for download online and can be used by teachers in order to teach children at least 12 years of age how to perform CPR.   One has to keep in mind that, at 12 years old, a child can already retain learning and make use of it when the situation necessitates. If the child cannot carry out the CPR, at least he or she can have an adult conduct the said emergency procedure.

The video training program comes in time for the signing of the Illinois House Bill 5114. The said bill included the video training program as part of the safety education that students in Grades 6 to 8 should undergo. Students are also encouraged to have their parents learn also more about how to conduct CPR as well as handle AEDs.

looking at it at a long-term, CCARES is also planning to release a video meant specifically for adults as well as a video translated to other popular languages such as Spanish.

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