The Different Ways of Avoiding Cardiovascular Diseases

May 2, 2016Comments Off on The Different Ways of Avoiding Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are some of the most dangerous diseases in the country. In general, cardiovascular diseases have killed more people than all types of cancer combined. This statistic shows that heart problems do not get the treatment that needs to be done, and there is very little that individuals do to avoid developing heart diseases.

Preventing Heart Diseases

There are some heart diseases that can be easily avoided. These heart diseases only develop due to bad life choices and unhealthy life styles. One of the most common causes of heart diseases is fatty food, such as those filled with cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol, HDL and LDL. LDL is short for low-density lipoprotein, and the accumulation of this type of cholesterol in the bloodstream can spell heart disease if partnered with a very slow lifestyle. LDL is the type of cholesterol that contributes to the plaque in the blood vessels. The accumulation of plaque in the bloodstream creates a narrower space for blood to flow, increasing blood pressure. If left unchecked, the plaque could eventually close a blood stream immediately, causing a heart attack. This is comparable to HDL, which is short for high-density lipoprotein cholesterol. This is a different kind of cholesterol, as this does not affect in the development of heart diseases. These HDL cholesterols travel the bloodstream and they bring with them LDL cholesterols that they pass along. This action helps in minimizing plaque buildup in the bloodstream. This is why a healthy balance of both types of cholesterol can help in minimizing risks of heart attack.

Another way of preventing heart diseases is by going to the gym and being active. The presence of physical activity in your daily life can greatly lower blood pressure and help in controlling body weight, two important factors that help show that there is a lowering presence of LDL in your system.

The common risk factors that cause an increase in the chance for heart diseases include age, gender, and family history. These three are non-modifiable, so it important that you focus on the factors that can easily be prevented. Reducing smoking, avoiding food and drinks that can cause high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol as well as diabetes, can all help in minimizing the risk factors.

Preparing for CPR for Others

Additionally, you can undergo a training for performing CPR on victims of heart diseases and heart attack. This way, you learn a physical activity while being prepared in the event that there are people within your proximity that would need the help of someone trained in CPR. Your knowledge of CPR can be of use, and can help you be more aware of how to avoid development of heart diseases as well.

With your determination in preventing the development of heart disease within your body, as well as learning the basic life support skills to help those who might experience sudden cardiac arrest, survival rates for heart diseases might decrease. Raising awareness and responsibility for heart disease avoidance within an individual can help in raising awareness for all citizens.